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  • Paul Andrew

    Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 and Go-Live license out today

    The January CTP for WinFX was released today and with it the Beta 2 of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Also today we announced the availability of a Go-Live License for both Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation. Download...
  • Zandoná Mobile®

    Group Shot from Microsoft Research!!!

    For my photographer friends: We are happy to introduce Microsoft Research Group Shot. MSR Group Shot helps you create a perfect group photo out a series of group photos. With Group Shot you can select your favorite parts in each shot of the series...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Isolated Storage and ClickOnce

    Isolated storage introduced a new scope in v2.0 of the CLR to work with ClickOnce applications. Application scoped Isolated storage is backed by the application's data directory. This enables scenarios where your isolated storage data will flow forward...
  • Test Guide

    Re: When To Automate

    Patrick comments on my When To Automate post: I am confused by your third bullet in that unstable/newly developed/high change code should have automated tests written for it. It has been my experience that test automation is a great deal of work...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    What I Know About Vista

    Not a lot, actually, but perhaps enough to straighten out some confusion about what it will do for games, including Flight Simulator. In the couple of weeks since we made our new product annoucement there's been much speculation and, having been surrounded...
  • Johan Lindfors

    MSDN Update - WinForms 2.0 och ClickOnce

    Vi försöker att leverera ett seminarie i månaden i våra egna lokaler i Stockholm för er som inte kan få nog av ny information, i februari har turen kommit till en halvdag om WinForms och ClickOnce i och med .NET Framework 2.0. André Henriksson och...
  • Johan Lindfors

    GoLive licenser tillgängliga för WCF och WF.

    Det finns flera som redan har kommit långt i utvecklingsprojekten med WinFX och som vill prova att sätta dessa lösningar i drift för att på så sätt testa lösningen under verkliga förhållanden. För det ändamålet finns nu så kallade GoLive licenser för...
  • Johan Lindfors

    WinFX January CTP finns nu för nedladdning.

    Nu har den senaste beta-versionen av WinFX släppts för nedladdning på MSDN. Den nya versionen fungerar på Windows XP med Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003 med Service Pack 1 alternativt Windows Vista (December CTP). Ladda hem den nya versionen här
  • Mahjayar's WebLog.

    GoLive license for WCF

    How confident are we of the Windows Communication Foundation beta: confident enough to issue GoLive license for it. Read more about it at . The GoLive license is for Beta2 of WCF. Mahesh
  • Thomas Dreller's Blog

    WCF und WF in produktivem Betrieb - und neue Community Sites

    Die amerikanischen Kollegen aus dem Produktmanagement geben bekannt, daß die Januar-Releases von Windows Communication Foundation und Windows Workflow Foundation mit GoLive-Lizenzen im produktiven Betrieb benutzt werden dürfen. Diese Produkte sind nicht...
  • Bill Morein's Weblog

    Visio Conference Kickoff

    Customers and partners are starting to arrive in Seattle for the sold out Visio Conference , starting tomorrow. We're very excited to roll out Visio "12" in detail publicly for the first time. We think that you'll love what we have done with the product...
  • All About Interop

    MS JDBC for SQL 2005 released

    In the spirit of sharing the love , Microsoft has announced the availability of the SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver. Now all the Java devs can get the goodness of SQL 2005. For those of you familiar with the prior incarnation of the JDBC driver, this new...
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