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  • blog Arquitetura de Soluções

    Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7

    Olá pessoal, tudo certo? Quem já viu de perto um Windows Phone 7 rodando sabe o produto é show! E o que impressiona também são os números, veja: Durante o último evento MIX11 foi anunciado o Azure Toolkit para Windows Phone 7. Ele está disponível no link...
  • Korea Evangelist

    BMW 자동차 매장에 등장한 멀티터치, 제스처, WPF

    BMW 사가 Microsoft Surface 를 이용해 키오스크를 만들어 상업적으로 이용하기 시작했습니다 . 이름은 BMW Product Navigator 라고 합니다 . 매장을 찾아간 손님이 자동차 종류 및 각종 옵션을 고르고 나면 차가 달리는 영상을 벽에 걸린 TV 를 통해 볼 수 있습니다 . 방금 전에 선택한 것을 메일로 보낼 수도 있고 , 출력물로 만들 수 있고 , USB 로 저장할 수 있습니다 . 내부에 들어간 기술을 보면 멀티 터치 ...
  • SQL in Stockholm

    More blogs from the SQL Server Support team in Europe

    I just noticed that my colleague João blogs as well. You can find his blog here:
  • Microsoft Power and Utilities Blog

    Microsoft and Itron Webcast on Meter Data Management Benchmarking Results - May 3, 2011

    As we head down the path towards the Smart Energy Ecosystem with our utilities customers, there are many benefits that the smart grid offers the industry, customers, and society at large.  In delivering on the promise of the smart grid,  utilities...
  • Lori's Blog-o-matic

    msdn tv - Ausgabe 26.4.2011

    Interviewgast in der aktuellen April-Ausgabe von "msdn tv" ist Frank Prengel , seines Zeichens Mobile Experte bei Microsoft Deutschland. Frisch zurück von der Microsoft Web-Konferenz " MIX11 " in Las Vegas berichtet er über die nächste...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    SQL Code Camp almost full

    If you are thinking of going to the SQL Code Camp on the 25th and 26th of November, you need to get in quick. I was talking to the organizers this morning and they have 140 registrations so far. The cut off is 160. Its going to be a great event, so if...
  • MSDN geekSpeak

    Resources for Justin Smith's WCF geekSpeak Webcast

    Sorry for the late posting, but here are the links mentioned in the WCF geekSpeak with Justin Smith. Justin's WCF book (available Jan, 2007) - one of the best WCF books on internals: WCF and POX/REST with...
  • MSDN オンライン チームブログ

    Microsoft On -出張ワークショップ 群馬GCC様

    こんばんは、寒暖の差についていけなかったらしく、とうとう風邪をひいてしまった長尾です。 うがいや手洗いをしっかりやっていたつもりだったのですが。。 さて、先週は群馬まで行ってまいりました。 リニューアルしたコンテンツ(←またここのブログでの紹介を再開せねば。。。)での実施です。 Webアプリケーションと分散アプリケーションについてのご紹介を行いました。 分散アプリケーションのセッションでは、データベース関連のご質問を受けます。他社製データベースからの移行の留意点や並存のポイントなどのご質問がありました...
  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    MSR Synthetic-Biology Request for Proposals

    Here is the next RFP from MSR - this one is on Synthetic-Biology and is open worldwide. See the RFP for more details: Synthetic-Biology Request for Proposals Microsoft Research launched a $500,000 request for proposals in synthetic biology Nov. 4. Synthetic...
  • My little plot of digital pasture.

    Windows Vista Releases to Manufacturing

    And so the list of Releases to Manufacturing goes on. It has just been announced that Windows Vista has RTM'd. For those with MSDN Premium subscriptions you will be able to download the RTM version within seven days from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads...
  • Building SQL Server and .NET Applications

    PASS and SQL Samples Survey

    Hello, Members of the SQL Server samples team will be at the PASS conference here is (not so sunny) Seattle this week. We'll be handing out some hardcopy surveys because we are very interested in getting your feedback on what we've done so far, and...
  • Steve Clayton

    iMate SPL now available

    At last!! Only 250 big ones from our friends at eXpansys ! It has a great review from Paul over at Modaco. Plus points for me are the return to mini USB over the weird connector on the QTEK 8500 I have at the moment and a welcome return to miniSD over...
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