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  • Technical Weblog of Eric Charran

    How to move My Sites to a new Content Database and Web Application

    A great article below on how to move My Sites from an existing content database to a new web application in SharePoint 2007.  Many customers will find this link valuable because having done a database upgrade and not taken the painstaking steps to...
  • Microsoft Robotics Blog

    Robot Learning and Behavior Control

    Skilligent , an MSRS partner, has announced the release 1.0 of its Skilligent Robot Learning and Behavior Control System for service robots. The software includes a behavior control and coordination system, task and skill learning functions, computer...
  • Гайдар Магдануров

    Вложенные объекты в LINQ

    Вопрос, который мне постоянно задают - почему при создании классов данных с использованием дизайнера LINQ to SQL для некоторых классов создаются ссылки для связанных таблиц, а для некоторых нет. Представим базу статей, состоящую из четырех таблиц Journal...
  • Just Coding

    Digital Signatures

    I've been looking for a multibrowser solution to digital signatures from long time, and I think there is no standard solution. So you must use CAPICOM (ActiveX) or Java to produce a valid PKCS#7 signature. There is an open question in google I would like...
  • Riding Herd

    Evangelism jobs available

    Our team is looking to hire some new evangelists. Here are the details and links to information on the jobs site. We are starting to interview for some of these positions, so if you’re interested, 1) apply via the website, and 2) send me...
  • BizSpark Australia

    Nudge Moments: When does my startup need to register for GST?

    Every second month Emma from Nudge Accounting answers a finance question (via Vlog or Blog) asked by a member of Microsoft Bizspark or the startup community. This month she answers the question of when does a start-up need to register for GST. #Nudgemoments...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Book Review: User Stories Applied

    This book came highly recommended by one of our Architectural Consultants, so I ordered it from Amazon , added it to my stack of books, and after some time, I've finally Stack.Pop()'d it. Author Mike Cohn, founder of Mountain Goat Software , is a very...
  • Craig McMurtry's WebLog

    Why most of what I read about service-oriented architecture annoys me - Part 3

    If we apply the approach that I described in my last post (too long ago) to the requirements of an arbitrary, yet commonplace line of business application, you will see the tremendous power of the approach as it yields significant insights even into the...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Getting into Wiki...

    Now that I work with the "Father" of wikis, I decided that I really ought to get into working with one. So I am the proud owner of the SOA wiki on the internal Microsoft wiki site. I must admit that so far the progress is a little slow in figuring out...
  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    SAF Day 2

    I sat through four session yesterday - two keynotes and two informational presentations. My favorite of the four was the session on Business Architecture by Jack Calhoun, CEO of Accelare . I can't summarize it effectively, so I won't try. However, one...
  • Rick Rainey

    ATL: What is the difference between the _ATL_DEBUG_REFCOUNT and _ATL_DEBUG_INTERFACES macros?

    I have just always used _ATL_DEBUG_INTERFACES and never really considered using _ATL_DEBUG_REFCOUNT . After investigating this further, this is what I found (referring to ATL v7.1): From Atldef.h: #ifdef _ATL_DEBUG_REFCOUNT #ifndef _ATL_DEBUG_INTERFACES...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    怎样去找SPS的Web Part?

    在网上要找到一个对自己有用的 Web Part ,说实话,还是挺难的。写得好的都想着卖钱,共享出来的都是比较简单的,而且一个公司往往也只有一两个 Web Part 作为产品。 大家可以试试看下面的一个网址: 不妨把它收在收藏夹中。这里不光有 MS 免费提供的午餐,还有很多第三方公司的解决方案。什么时候,希望也能看到国内公司的产品。
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