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  • A little bit of everything...


    Looks like 2008 will be year of conferences: Office Dev Con , February 10-13, San Jose, California Sharepoint conference , March 3-6, Seattle And: PDC08 ! It was announced for October 26 (pre-conference) - October 30, 2008 in Los Angeles,...
  • Miguel Saez

    Silverlight 2.0!!!!

    La esperada version de Silverlight 1.1, será renombrada como Silverlight 2.0 . Por qué? La nueva versión será llevada más allá incluyendo: Un modelo de controles mas completo. Skinning/Theming . Data binding . Mas de 20 controles...
  • Miguel Saez

    new Blog();

    Tal vez ya nos hayamos encontrado en mi antiguo blog en Southworks . Si no lo hicimos, te cuento que soy un persona que le apasiona la tecnología y me encanta aprender y compartir cosas nuevas. Hace poquitos días me sumé al equipo de Desarrollo y Plataforma...
  • OpsMgr++

    Targeting poster

    Below is a link to a targeting poster that we have created to help select the proper targets when creating rules and monitors. The poster illustrates some of the most common scenarios and provides best practices on how to properly target rules and monitors...
  • Martha Rotter's Blog

    This Just In: Silverlight 1.1 Tools Alpha for VS 2008 Now Available!

    I wasn't kidding about all of the cool stuff happening as soon as I'm gone! On Monday afternoon an updated version of the Silverlight 1.1 Tools Alpha was released. This version will work with the RTM version of Visual Studio 2008. This means that all...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition

    The Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of resources designed to help our customers quickly and consistently build WCF and ASMX Web services that adhere to well-known architecture...
  • 長沢智治のライフサイクルブログ

    【お知らせ】Visual Studio 2008 英語版 開発完了

    ショートノーティスです(^^ 出ました!MSDN会員様向けの提供も開始されています。また、.NET Framework 3.5 の提供も開始されています。 試用版の提供も開始とのことです。詳しくは、プロダクトマネージャの岩出さんのブログ エントリをご覧ください。 私のセミナー セッションでは、もうしばらくは Beta 2 日本語版を使いますが、近い将来に完成した...
  • Microsoft UK Further Education Blog

    IT Forum: SQL Server 2008

    Yes, I know you might still think of SQL 2005 as a new product, but SQL 2008 is nearly with us and there are many reasons why people are looking to upgrade. Here are a few notes I took during a session today at IT Forum. Some of the main points of the...
  • Colin Beales - Blog

    Debugging Pages Under A Load Test

    Sean Lumley has written an excellent blog article detailing how to debug pages that fail under load: We have this requirement quite a bit in our performance and scale lab sessions...
  • adamga's WebLog

    Office Developer Tools turn 2013 !!!

      Exciting stuff, Soma just announced the availability of the release bits for Office 2013 development with Visual Studio 2012!
  • The blog of Rob Margel - Windows Help

    Microsoft Windows Energy Calculator Windows 8 App

    Back a few years I blogged about the Microsoft Server Energy Savings Calculator which you could use to estimate server energy spend and savings with Microsoft Virtualisation technologies… Well know there is a Windows 8 app that I think does pretty much...
  • Satisfy Me

    Ready to Spring Forward and lose some sleep? Daylight Saving Time 2013 Arrives Sunday

    First off: the first rule of Daylight Saving Time is that there is no Daylight Saving Time (in Hawaii or a few parts of North America). The Second rule of Daylight Saving Time is that there is only one "S" in the term "Daylight Savings Time." Yes,...
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