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  • 長沢智治のライフサイクルブログ


    こんにちは(夜ですが・・・)。先日の MSDN オフラインセミナーでは、マルチファイルアセンブリのもっともシンプルな例をご覧頂きました。どんなものかというと、C#, VB それぞれで作成したモジュールを結合した アセンブリ (DLL) を作成し、その DLL を呼ぶ アセンブリ(EXE)を作成、ロードされるファイルはどれか、モジュールに含まれるクラス、メソッドが呼ばれなかったらモジュールがロードされない・・・ということをご覧いただく簡単なデモンストレーションでした。 そのときに、マルチファイルアセンブリのメリットとしては2点ほどご紹介させていただきました...
  • Lifeng's Blog

    Where is "Add Web Reference" after I install Orcas Beta 1

    When you create a project targetting .Net framework 3.x in Orcas Beta 1, the "Add Web Reference..." menu is replaced by "Add Service Reference..." menu. "Add Service Reference..." will create a WCF (Windows Communication Framework) client to a web service...
  • Being Cellfish

    Forgotten XP values

    When Agile Sweden had its Christmas party one of the lightning talks was on how some of the XP values seems to have been forgotten now that agile is becoming more and more mainstream. I think we all can agree that agile is much about communication and...
  • Dariusz quatscht

    TechTalk zu Silverlight 2 im Januar

    Eigentlich ist er schon ausgebucht, trotzdem möchte ich die Termine posten. Aus zwei Gründen. Selbst wenn man auf der Warteliste steht, bisher habe ich noch nie erlebt das jemand der Vor-Ort erschienen ist, nach Hause geschickt wurde. Im Zuge dieses Posts...
  • Dr. SharePoint

    SharePointi kõige veidram bugi mis ma olen leidnud

    Korraliku inimesena olete teinud endale listi alla template’i.   1. Oletame et teil on tegemist mahuka listiga kus on rohkem kui 16 User-tüüpi välja. <Field Type=”User”> 2. Ja nüüd loote selle template’i põhjal endale list-instantsi. 3. Ja...
  • Nigel Parker's Outside Line

    Pre Conference User Experience Summit

    I am sitting down for the second day of a two day UX Summit in Vegas prior to MIX next week. We have been having many back to back half hours sessions which is difficult as the body tries to ajust to the timezone. It has been great spending time with...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    Webinale Conference

    I recently gave a number of presentations at a local Web 2.0 Conference… Webinale . He are the links to the presentations I delivered. · Microsoft Media Center: The new platform for content delivery · Exploring Web 2.0 Technology for the delivery...
  • Architecture, Cloud, SQL Server, EPM and .NET Geek

    Must read for SQL Guys

    As a consultant I face a common question where can I find useful whitepapers and reading material on SQL Server 2005. A simple cross reference approach - Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005 Physical Database Storage Design...
  • Steve Clayton

    It’s A Khaki World

      Let make 2009 khaki free eh? Prop to Hugh
  • Phil Wheat's Knowledge Matters

    SharePoint Guidance

    OK, I've blogged about the SharePoint Guidance pack a while ago, but there's a new version out last month.  Take a look over at (SharePoint Guidance) and get some of the details from the product group and P&P guys on...
  • UK ISV Developer Evangelism Team

    Guidance on the migration of existing application to the Windows Azure Platform from Artinsoft

    I have known Artinsoft for many years. They have great pedigree in delivering tools and services to help companies migrate “old cold on old platforms” to “newish code on new platforms”. More recently they have been helping companies migrate code to a...
  • Wriju's BLOG

    Moving On-premises SQL Server Database to SQL Azure

    Is very easy and can’t think of anything simple. I did it with my favorite TestDB database Open SQL Server Management Studio. Right click the database and select Generate Script After that run the wizard as below   Select “ Script entire database...
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