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  • ALM and Beyond

    Avoiding Technical Debt

    Among the myriad of reasons why I like employing Scrum for software development, I think the main reason is the frameworks ability to remove what is often called Technical Debt (TD) or Design Debt. Ward Cunnigham was the one who coined the term and simply...
  • MSDN オンライン チームブログ

    Meet Windows Azure (6/7@San Francisco) & Go Azure (6/29-30@Tokyo) 開催決定

    Windows Azure はマイクロソフトのクラウド プラットフォームとしてさまざまな分野で急速に利用が進んでおり、さらなる機能拡張やサービスの拡大が期待されています。 実際にWindows Azure を活用されているユーザー コミュニティのご協力をいただき、Windows Azure に関する最新情報や開発手法について、イベントを通じてご紹介していきます。 まずは、Windows Azure の最新情報をお届けするイベント「 Meet Windows Azure 」が 米国サンフランシスコ...
  • The UK Higher Education Blog

    Windows Azure Conference 22nd June 2012

    Originally posted by Microsoft UK Faculty Connection . Announcing the UK Windows Azure conference. If you building or considering building applications for the cloud, then the 22 nd June is a date for the diary. It’s a big day for Windows Azure as the...
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Virtualisation in your school: Installation

    Taken from our Virtualisation with Microsoft® Hyper-V eBook (available to view and download below). Following on from our recent post in this series - deciding on your hardware for virtualisation , we’ll move on to installation. So you have run your trial...
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Get started using OneNote

    Some of you might want to know what OneNote is. It's the ultimate digital notebook. Think of it as a giant container where you can collect and organise all sorts of information. You can use it as a scrapbook, photo album, research notebook, and more....
  • Buck Hodges

    Perf counters in TFS 11

    Jim Szubryt has written a post listing the perf counters available in all versions of TFS and calls out the new ones in TFS 11. Check it out if you are looking at the performance of your server. New Perfmon Counters With TFS 11 Beta Whether you...
  • Software Development

    TechEd Developers (November 5-9 2007)

    TechEd Developers Tech·Ed 2007, Microsoft’s premier annual conference for IT Pros and Developers is dedicated to providing technical training, information and resources to help you maximize your Microsoft investment. Bringing you FIVE days instead of...
  • MSDN Österreich Blog

    Natürliche Benutzerinteraktion mit Microsoft Surface

    In letzter Zeit haben wir häufig Schlagzeilen zu Multi-touch Oberflächen gelesen. Ob im Zuge eines großangekündigten neuen Mobiltelefons oder als Wissenschaftsprojekt der NYU . Aber auch Microsoft arbeitet schon seit 2001 Zeit an einem Konzept namens...
  • Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager - Eric Ligman

    SmartArt – A VERY cool feature of Microsoft Office 2007

    If you are like me (scary proposition, I know…) and spend a lot of time in PowerPoint or giving presentations that have a PowerPoint presentation to them, then you have no doubt seen or built numerous bullet-point lists, boxes with arrows, etc. to help...
  • Koichi Nakamura's WebLog


    私事で恐縮ですが、本日5/31を持ちまして退職いたします。MSDN オンラインをご利用いただいている皆様一人一人に感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。皆さん一人一人がさまざまな形でMSDN オンラインを活用いただいた結果、この仕事をここまで大きくすることができました。 早々に新しい担当者のもとで、MSDN オンラインはさらにパワーアップしますので、これまで同様ご愛読いただきたいと存じます。 これからも、すばらしいソフトウェアを生み出し続けてください。 中村 晃一
  • Office Business Applications (OBA) Team Blog

    Interactive Office Developer Map now live!

    Many of you have probably seen the poster version of the Microsoft Office Developer Map. It's just been released as a cool WPF based interactive map! You can get it at: - Khawar
  • hied_northeast.. Cool stuff and happenings for HiEd

    Wow.. Sure has been a while...

    Really sorry about not getting anything up here for awhile.. In any case I hope to change that and keep things going a bit more.. If there is anything that you want or need up here, just let me know... Thanks!!! /joe
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