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  • MPSIT SQL Team

    Welcome to our blog

    Hello, We are SQL enthusiasts in the MPSIT group within Microsoft IT. Though we are Microsoft employees, we are also faced with many of the same challenges as end users. What differentiates us is the availability of internal resources like SQL product...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Fish vs Sharks: Predator Prey simulation

    Many years ago, A.K. Dewdney wrote an article in Scientific American Magazine (December 1984) about a world called Wator, which is a world of fish and sharks. The world is a cellular automaton with each cell being in one of three states: empty, a shark...
  • Russian Coding 4 Fun


    В этой статье я опишу версию классической аркадной игры RetroCommand, созданную мной с применением Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 ( игра здесь (EN) ). Я расскажу о работе с Expression Blend, а также об интересных новых возможностях Silverlight 2.0 и WCF, позволивших...
  • Bob Duffy's Blobby Blog

    Project Gemini Preview

    For anyone attending the SQL 2008 Academy on Friday (link here ) we are going to be showing some details on project Gemini technology included in SQL 2008 R2, which is probably the first look at this exciting new self service BI platform in Ireland. This...
  • Alina's blog

    Service Oriented Architecture - best practices

    On the SOA site are many interesting articles about SOA architecture best practices like: SOA Governance for the Organization: Best Practices for Getting Started Avoiding SOA Security Anti-Patterns: Practical Planning for Success SOA...
  • Alina's blog

    .NET development on iPhone

    "Novell on Monday will offer a kit for developers to build Apple iPhone and iPod Touch business applications using Microsoft's .Net Framework instead of the Apple-designated C or Objective-C languages" ""What's important here is that C# and .Net are...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    MSDN Technical Briefing: Atlas Session in Keynote

    I promised that I'd upload the demo files I used and so here it is. Note that this is essentially the same as the one used in the Scott Guthrie demo, except that the files here are *before* the AJAX controls are added. Remember to add the script manager...
  • Creating demand with Microsoft partners

    Your Chance to Co-Market with Microsoft - (Sydney event)

    Partners often tell us that they don’t have the resources available to run and host customer events. If that sounds like you, now is your chance to participate in a co-marketing activity with Microsoft. We are running a demand generation event targeted...
  • maor's blog

    Windows Azure 12/12/11 Announcement

    Earlier yesterday, Microsoft announced a number of updates and improvements to Windows Azure that will help developers to more easily access Windows Azure and unlock the value of cloud computing as a development platform. Additionally, today , senior...
  • Microsofts partnerblogg

    Telia har lanserat sitt Office365 erbjudande på marknaden

    Igår lanserade Telia sitt Office 365 erbjudande på Eget Företag Mässan i Älvsjö och vi ser med spänning fram emot att göra gemensamma affärer . För dig som är nyfiken på detta och vill...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 팀 블로그

    최상의 BI 도구 결정

    비즈니스에 가장 적합한 비즈니스 인텔리전스 응용 프로그램이 무엇인지 결정해야 합니까? 다양한 도구가 있는데 비즈니스에 적합한 BI 스타일이 무엇인지 알고 계십니까? " 스타일에 맞는 비즈니스 인텔리전스 기술을 선택하는 방법(영문일 수 있음) " 백서를 읽어 보면 이러한 문제에 대한 답을 찾는 데 도움이 될 것입니다. 이 백서에는 셀프 서비스 분석, 비즈니스 보고, 매개 변수화된 보고 및 작업 보고, 성능 모니터링 및 성과 기록표 작성 이라는...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Open Mic Night is music to Microsofties’ ears

    We often talk about the social aspect of working at a company like Microsoft, and Open Mic Night is a great example. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I plan to attend this Friday. That’s right … For all you Microsofties out there, the next Open Mic Night...
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