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  • PeteL's Blog

    To strong or to b

    About a year ago, I filed a bug; when you highlighted text, and then clicked the BOLD tool bar button, it set the text to <strong> not bold. But the bold button is supposed to make things bold, not strong isn't it? In most browsers, the rendering...
  • IEBlog

    A Little More on RSS

    I just wanted to post a quick follow up to Dean’s post about RSS in Longhorn. My name is Sean Lyndersay, and I’m a senior program manager on the RSS team. After Dean’s announcement, we turned on our RSS Team Blog , and kicked things off with a post...
  • GovindR's Weblog

    Finally there...

    All Right! I wanted to create my blog space for quite sometime now and I have finally created one now. I work for Microsoft. (No surprises there) I am a developer in the Indigo security team . Before that I worked on WSE, Peer-to-Peer networking stack...
  • SPal's WebLog

    Rebuild XML indexes when upgrading from Beta 2 to June CTP of SQL Server 2005

    Setup upgrade to June CTP of SQL Server 2005 is unavailable. Typically, you would uninstall the existing build of SQL Server 2005, install the June CTP, and attach your database files to the server. After Beta 2 of SQL Server 2005, we have made...
  • Dinesh's Cyberstation

    C# PM at JavaOne (Day 1 - Monday)

    The keynote was lackluster and the guests rather uninspiring. What was striking was the move away from bashing other companies by Sun execs. I remember previous years when jabs at Microsoft and fellow-Java-partner IBM were the standard fare. They were...
  • SPal's WebLog

    MSDN whitepapers for native XML support in SQL Server 2005

    SQL Server 2005 June CTP was released earlier this month. It contains many improvements and is a very important milestone on the way to RTM. If you haven’t upgraded yet, please do so! For the native XML support, I’d like to point out the following. ...
  • Richard Seroter - SoCal BizTalk Musings

    Sun buys SeeBeyond

    Always wise to keep track of what's going on in the application integration space ... Sun To Buy SeeBeyond For $387 Million .
  • Dinesh's Cyberstation

    C# PM at JavaOne (Day 0 - Sunday)

    For some reason, this post got lost for 24 hours. So here it is with help from blog support folks ... First a few obvious but essential things - kind of like blog hygeine. Remember, as always, in the blog-space, I am expressing personal opinions -...
  • Rob Caron

    Hover and Learn Team System

    Thom Robbins , a Developer Evangelist in New England, has taken the obligatory Team System PowerPoint slide and made it interactive. Go take a look at it over on his blog: Looking at the Team System .
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    Utilizando CodeLists en BTS desde VS.NET

    BTS se basa en XML Schemas para definir las estructuras de los mensajes, dentro de la definición de estos esquemas en muchas ocasiones por necesidad dado el modelo de negocio se ve en la obligación de especificar que el contenido de un campo ( field element...
  • Richard Seroter - SoCal BizTalk Musings

    SQL Updategrams (Insert/Update/Delete) in BizTalk: Part II

    Yesterday (see Part I ) we looked at the first part of a BizTalk and SQL Server updategram project. The process will enable a single updategram to process inserts, updates AND deletes in one transaction. We've already set up a base project that contained...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    JobsBlog ... What's your deal?

    It seems JobsBlog has some new readers hanging around so I wanted to take an opportunity to welcome you, give you all a little history around this blog, and point to some past articles that may be of most interest to you. JobsBlog was launched in March...
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