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  • Kirk Evans Blog

    WSE 3.0 WebCasts

    One of the innovations in WSE 3.0 is the addition of turnkey security scenarios. However, without spending some time trying to learn security concepts up front, you might not be sure how to use some of the features in WSE 3.0. Don Smith posts on a...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Computer History Brought Back to Life

    I found this article this morning. It is about Paul Allan's collecting a couple of old Digital Equipment PDP-10s and a PDP clone. The systems run a pair of operating systems called TOPS-10 and TOPS-20. For those of you who don't know, Paul Allan and Bill...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    Journees Microsoft de la Securite 2006

    Mettez à jour vos favoris et votre lecteur RSS avec mon nouveau blog sur TechNet : Microsoft organise les 2 et 3 mars prochains la 3ème édition de ses “journées de la sécurité informatique“ au CNIT La Défense à Paris...
  • East Region Microsoft CRM Blog

    Your Input Needed... Demo Improvements

    We are working on putting together a new VPC that we hope will improve the demo experience. What we need is feedback from YOU!!! We would love to see some things in the image that you have been dying to play with, would love to see, etc… These would be...
  • NicolBlog

    OHSBE ThrottleInterval must be > 0

    In production environment never set ThrottleInterval=0 because may cause a condition called thread exhaustion. Follow a list of error you can encourr: Event Type: Error Event Source: SbeMasterController Description: Microsoft.EnterpriseInstrumentation...
  • André Henriksson

    Webbhotell med SQL Server 2005 64-bitar

    Det är med stor glädje som jag kan meddela att webbhotellet Ballou nu erbjuder möjligheten att använda SQL Server 2005 64-bitars version för sina databaser när man driftar sina webbapplikationer på deras servers. Förhoppningsvis följer de flesta webbhotellen...
  • André Henriksson

    Var kan du drifta ASP.NET 2.0?

    Nu när fler och fler av er utvecklare där ute kommit igång med utvecklingen av webbapplikationer baserade på ASP.NET 2.0 så är naturligtvis frågan var man kan drifta sina applikationer. I denna postning så lägger jag till 2 webbhotell som vi vet ger er...
  • Darien's Dialog..

    "Raise the Speed Limit: The need for 64-bit computing"... an event by Microsoft & HP

    It was great to present to all those that attended our special invite-only event, " Raise the Speed Limit: The need for 64-bit computing " at the Carcosa Seri Negara Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. 64-bit, whether x64 or Itanium-based, is an important direction...
  • Windows @ Brasil

    Suporte anti-aliasing no Windows Vista

    Karsten Januszewski discute sobre como habilitar, no registro do Windows, o suporte anti-aliasing para renderização 3D no Windows Vista com Avalon 3D: Vale a pena conferir!
  • Windows @ Brasil

    Hardware legado

    Entedemos que sempre teremos clientes que não pretendem migrar o hardware de um determinado departamento ou seção. Para estes nos apresentamos o WinFLP - Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs. Originalmente apresentado sobre o codinome EIGER, o WinFLP foi...
  • FrankFi's view of the world

    Managed DirectX Webcasts - The samples

    Hi... today I took the time and searched for the samples of the DirectX webcast series I did with Dirk Primbs some time ago. Yes, the original space purged and my webhoster did no backup ;-) But I was asked recently so here we go... I packaged the...
  • Roberdan

    Migrate from Lotus Notes: MS tools 2005/2006

    Title Release Date Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino Beta This tool analyzes your Lotus Notes/Domino Applications and is used for developing an application migration and coexistence plan. 1/13/2006 Microsoft Exchange Server...
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