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  • Henry Hahn

    More Info About Avalon

    Hey, look, I'm on the web! Okay, well, I guess it's not that big a deal but I've finally gotten "create a blog" off my task list. I'm a program manager on the Avalon team (part of WinFX) at Microsoft. I've been on this team more or less since it started...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    MS and Sun playing nice again

    Friday's announcement about Sun and Microsoft Interoperability was interesting to me for the announcement about the Single Sign On (SSO) agreement. We've had mixed proposals (the WS-* specs from Microsoft and the Liberty specs from Sun) for a while now...
  • One Louder

    Is blogging your full-time job?

    So I just got off the phone with a reporter and we were discussing blogging (I know, shocking!) and the difference between people like me, who blog as part of their job, and people who are paid to blog as their full-time profession. So my questions are...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Bookmark Confusion in Microsoft Word

    One of my colleagues and I were messing around with Word bookmarks, doing some testing etc. We put together a case where there are multiple bookmarks, but the beginning and ending of bookmarks is unclear. Look at my screenshot: What is puzzling...
  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog

    A new XAML wiki:

    Could wikis be the solution to all the world's problems? Probably not, but I've created another one anyway. It's called XAMLshare . I'm starting to see folks share XAML samples on their blogs (myself included), and thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to...
  • Dean Rowe's WebLog

    New Windows Desktop Search released

    Looks like we've released the MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search today. I've installed it on a couple of my machines and it looks a lot better than the previous beta they had released. They have a cool preview window with the search results...
  • Dean Rowe's WebLog

    Where are the posts?

    I know I haven't been posting as much as I was hoping to recently. Unfortunately we're in a bit of a crunch mode at work at the moment, so I've been a little busier than normal. I will try to post more when we get over this current little bump. Cheers...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    CS Goes Gaming

    CNET takes a bit of a closure look at the use of games within CS courses at US universities.
  • scarroll's Blog

    Lesson on Intern Mentoring from the Gilmore Girls

    I took the MSFT "Intern Mentoring" training last week in preparation for the impending arrival of my very first intern. It was about 2 hours of concentrated goodness. An Intern Mentor here at MSFT is the person who "manages" an intern. We're in charge...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    Performance Quiz #6 -- Looking at the fourth cut

    Raymond is definately making some great headway. Having targetted the single-character at a time conversion problem in version 4 of his program he's 1.84 times faster than the previous version. Version Execution Time (seconds) Unmanaged...
  • Jeff Abraham's WebLog

    Back in Redmond, MEDC is over

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to talk to the VSD team at MEDC in Las Vegas. We had a great time, and hopefully we were able to answer all/most of your questions. Please continue to send follow up questions to all of us, we can't...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Star Wars is Coming to New England - Are you ready?

    Attend a Free Star Wars Preview and Celebration including the 1 st New England Costume Pageant Microsoft is sponsoring an exclusive free private showing of Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and you are invited! Space is limited so make sure you...
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