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  • Microsofts partnerblogg

    Staten och Kapitalet - Midsommarnytt på Partnerportalen

    Staten och kommunen, skolan och hälsovården är det din hemmamarknad ? Förkovra dig på nytt material på , https :// /Lotta Båth
  • Minty Fresh

    Midnight Movies

    Back in the 80's, you couldn't swing a Members Only jacket over your shoulder without hitting a theater that featured midnight movies on Friday and Saturday nights. In our town, the best spot for midnight shows was a two-screen theater tucked in a strip...
  • The Skinny

    An Introduction to ALM- The Series, Part 1-Gathering Requirements

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first part of our ALM Series! If you're just joining in on this series and you want to know more about ALM, check out my introduction post here. Let's go ahead and get started with the first phase of ALM. But first...
  • UK ISV Developer Evangelism Team

    Fancy some 1-2-1 time on Windows Phone 7? Three FREE workshops, next on Saturday 2nd April

    My colleagues have put together a series of Saturday hands on workshops for Windows Phone 7 development in the UK. MVPs and Microsoft Evangelists will be helping you with such topics as Tombstoning, Databinding, Startup performance, Designing with Expression...
  • Rahul Thomas Blogs

    Business Contact Manager : How to determine the installed version of Business Contact Manager through the registry

    How to determine the installed version of Business Contact Manager through the registry ? Resolution :   Open registry go to > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Business Solution eCRM The key below can have one of the following...
  • Jezz Santos

    Narrator Inquire Within

    We have long needed a decent video screencast that helps explain what NuPattern is all about for first time visitors to the NuPattern project. Something that gives a first timer an inkling of an idea what NuPattern does. It does not have to make logical...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Norge

    Att hantera Organisationer i Dynamics CRM 2011

    I botten på Dynamics CRM ligger en väldigt robust säkerhetsmodell som avgör vad du har rätt att se och göra med objekten i Dynamics CRM systemet. Säkerhetsmodellen tar hänsyn till vart du sitter i organisationen och ger dig därefter rätt att se antingen...
  • Windows Store 開発者向けブログ

    Game On Virtual Event にご参加ください

    無料の仮想イベントで、Windows 8 のゲームを短期間で開発する方法を学びましょう。初めての開発者もプロの開発者も、YoYo Games の GameMaker: Studio (英語) を使って、高品質なゲームをかつてないスピードで開発、公開できます。設計オプションが組み込まれ、各ツールはドラッグ アンド ドロップで操作できるので、ゲームのアイデアがなくても、また開発経験を持たない方でも参加できます。もちろん実際のコードを触ることもできますので、プロフェッショナルの皆様は独自のゲーム エクスペリエンスの開発に挑戦してみてください...
  • hermanwu

    Windows Phone App 必備的資料快取 Framework - AgFx

    在開發 App 程式時, 程式的反應速度是影響使用者操作體驗重要的因素. 尤其是行動裝置常處在網路不穩的環境 (如捷運人多時, 或3G 訊號較弱時) . 為了確保使用者在來回操作App的過程中, 不需要反覆的存取網路上相同的資料, 因此在這邊推薦給Windows Phone 的開發者, AgFx 這個相當棒的資料快取 Framework. 原作者已經提供一個相當清楚的 Step by Step Sample . 主要有五個步驟: 1. 分析你的資料來源: 通常是確認資料來源如何解析...
  • Microsoft Canada Technology Partner Training

    Learn and Earn with CORE IO Solution Selling – up to $50 in Petro-Canada gas cards

    Core Infrastructure Optimization (Core IO) is a framework for evolving your customer’s IT infrastructure to become more flexible, agile, better-managed, while helping to reduce overall IT costs and making better use of resources. Discover these online...
  • Vincent Bellet's Blog [MSFT] - EN

    DreamSpark: a website directly in your favorites!

    Hello, We started recently a great program for students all around the world. Thanks to DreamSpark you will be able to download our development environments to be more and more prepared for the professional world! Visual Studio SQL Server...
  • Mike Kelly's Blog

    DevDays Seattle

    I’m at DevDays Seattle , an event sponsored by Stack Overflow and Microsoft.  I look at it as a day of seeing “how the other half codes”, i.e. those not using the Microsoft stack (IIS, ASP.Net, Azure, C#, etc.) but more open source tools like jQuery...
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