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  • TexBlog

    Programming Languages and the Free Throw

    Choosing a programming language tends to involve an interesting intersection of what you need (i.e., requirements), what you know (i.e., past experience), and what you believe (i.e., bias and flexibility). It's kind of funny to note that these are pretty...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Deploying VSTO 2005 Solutions with Windows Installer

    learn how to use Windows installer to create custom deployment setups for Visual Studio Tools for Office....
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Retrieve the AssemblyVersion using AssemblyInfoTask

    We got a great question at last week: What is the preferred method to retrieve the version of the assembly that was just built via MSBuild? Post build, we would like to automatically create and copy the assembly(ies) to version...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    Getting your questions answered

    To everyone who asked "unanswerable" questions at my MSDN Events on the week of 12/12, I have all of your questions answered below. I was in the process of researching answers to the questions when I realized that I had inadvertantly fallen into my vacation...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Team Foundation Server Capacity Planning

    We've nearly completed our full line of load testing to determine the recommended server configurations for various sizes of teams using Team Foundatation Server V1. Everything we've published before now were "goals". This is the first comprehensive publishing...
  • Computational Clusters and HPC

    Your first cluster job

    OK, I've got CCS installed on my head node and compute nodes, now what? The first thing to try is "clusrun /all ver" in a command prompt. This will return the OS version for all nodes in your cluster. Check to see the version is returned in the...
  • Test Guide

    How To Become A (Great) Tester

    Linda asks how one gets into the software testing field. "Are there certain formulas I would need to know or certain classes I would need to take? Or is it something I would have to learn as I go along the way?" To my knowledge there is not yet any...
  • 16.7ms in the life

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! It was a nice month, but the break is over and I've returned back to work. Christmas at the Rosser house was a low-key affair, mostly spend decompressing from hectic work schedules and enjoying family and friends' company. My daughter...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Exchange 12 information now on Exchange Blog!

    The Exchange team Blog now contains some excellent information on the enhancements planned in Exchange 12 (the version after the current Exchange 2003 release) They are first talking about Exchange 12's support for 64-bit ! Check it out at: http...
  • fontblog

    Introducing the Irony Mark

    Despite the less than positive comments for the Interrobang , I would like to advocate for more sentence-end punctuation options. I spend a lot of time communicating in writing with email and IM, and wish I had more options for expression. Take the following...
  • Peter Hallam's WebLog

    What Do Programmers Really Do Anyway? (aka Part 2 of the Yardstick saga)

    Way back in 2002 when we started working on Whidbey, I captured my thoughts on the direction we should take for C# and Visual Studio in two large emails. In the first email The Yardstick I spent a lot of time saying that you must evaluate features against...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    A Wealth of Misinformation

    A Wealth of Misinformation (or, '4 Things I'm Glad I Didn't Blog') Zachary Rodgers : "I've noticed a spike in the level of misinformation circulating about online media and advertising companies. In the last three days alone, we've had reports...
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