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  • Rob Caron

    Where Did the 40-Hour Week Go?

    Of the 100+ blogs I read on a regular basis, one of my Top 5 is David Anderson's Agile Management blog . However, I can't help but read it with my inner voice mimicking a Glaswegian dialect. I enjoy his writing style and how he can tie everyday events...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Visual Studio 2005 package load failure caused by Dotfuscator 3.0

    I have heard from a couple of customers who have seen package load failure errors in Visual Studio 2005 and for whom the workarounds I normally recommend did not work. We finally managed to figure out that the package load failures were caused by having...
  • D/1195

    Understanding the Security Challenges of Mobile Devices

    Tune in as host Mike Nash and industry experts examine the security concerns associated with mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Smartphones--learn about strategies and technologies that can help protect your company's infrastructure, both today and tomorrow....
  • Monad

    Mshsnapin (part 2): developing a mshsnapin.

    To develop a mshsnapin, you can use following three simple steps, Create a class derived from MshSnapIn class. Build an assembly to contain the mshsnapin class created in step1 and also other cmdlet/provider classes to be included in the mshsnapin...
  • Monad

    Mshsnapin (part 1): usage of mshsnapin commands.

    Latest beta3 release of monad added the capability of adding/removing cmdlets and providers in current running session through mshsnapins. Mshsnapin is a logic group of cmdlets and providers can be manipulate as a unit in monad engine. Following commands...
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

    More about SQL and Team Foundation Server

    Frank had a few questions about using SQL:P> Another useful set of guidelines would be SQL for dummies or at least for TFSers...I don't expect you to turn me into an SQL MVP, just give me the basics so I don't need to figure them out for myself...
  • SQL Server Express WebLog

    Starter Kits

    Visual Web Developer Express and Visual Basic Express have starter kits available for data-driven web sites that utilize SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. Visual Web Developer is another Express product geared toward hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students...
  • hughpyle


    Here's Matt Pope, Group Product Manager for Groove, in a 20-minute conversation with Shawn Murray.
  • Andrew's Blog

    Windows Forms Control In Browser scenario (introduction)

    Recently I have been hearing from more and more people who are embedding Windows Forms controls into webpages and I thought that I would put together a series of blog posts on this technique. Since the original release of .NET Windows Forms has supported...
  • Eric Jarvi

    Fujitsu ColorDoctor

    cool test tool ... "ColorDoctor is a tool that checks accessibility from the aspect of color. It converts any images displayed on screen such as browsers or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into gray scale or colors that persons with color vision...
  • Arul Kumaravel's WebLog

    Monad Beta3 available.

    I wish everyone happy new year. We had a fantastic 2005 in Monad team. We delivered multiple betas to our customers and we finished the year with our feature complete milestone. Monad beta3 which contains our feature complete bits is ready. You...
  • Johnz Blog - The MscrmGuy

    MSCRM + Sharepoint to Create Executive Dashboards - Level 200

    Hi all: Use Sharepoint Team Services, MSCRM, and Office Web Parts for Sharepoint to create some very cool dashboards for snapshot reporting. Read how here...
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