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  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Installing Certificates on Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone

    Certificate installation is controlled by the GRANT MANAGER security policy. To install certs interactively via the UI requires the USER_AUTH role to be added to this policy – by default on WM 5.0 its not set. The problem is somewhat compounded because...
  • Moj mali spletni dnevnik

    Vodič za preprečevanje prepuščanja informacij

    Objava je tokrat namenjena IT strokovnjakom. Vodič za preprečevanje prepuščanja informacij opisuje načine preprečevanja prepuščanja informacij ob uporabi standardnih funkcij sistema Windows. Dokument v angleškem jeziku je namenjen predvsem strokovnjakom...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    DC Launch...underway

    We're midway through the DC Launch and things are going great. Attendance has been awesome, the venue absolutely rocks, interest from our customers/partners in the new products is super encouraging, the keynote went really well, the partners/exhibitors...
  • Paddy Srinivasan's WebLog

    The science of "Long Tail"

    Ever heard of the "Long Tail of the market" ? This phenom is ringing bells recenlty in discussions around the residual value of content aggregation businesses and how content providers like goog derive value etc. I found this useful in thinking about...
  • El Blog de Windows en América Latina

    Windows Vista en el CES

    Hace algunos días se llevo a cabo el CES (Consumer Electronics Show) en las Vegas, como parte de su presentación Hill Gates mostró la visión de la computación integrada a todos los aspectos de nuestra vida cotidiana. Para los que no tuvimos la oportunidad...
  • Mark Bower

    SharePoint in Education / Academia

    I had mail from someone at a college yesterday asking about use of SharePoint in education sector. It ocurred to me that we have set of SharePoint customizations available as a fully supported product that not a lot of people know about. Class Server...
  • Robert McMurray's Blog [MSFT]

    Updating several IP addresses using ADSI

    ( Note : I had originally posted this information on a blog that I kept on , but it makes more sense to post it here . [:)] ) Like many web programmers, I host several hobby web sites for fun. (They make a wonderful test bed...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    Taking software engineering seriously

    Why this is important? For me, this is important because as a practitioner of the trade I have a historical responsibility to layout the best possible base for future practitioners and for the future of the profession. What is it? It seems that...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    A "Live" Version of Visual Studio?

    After seven years in developer division marketing, I'm making a transition into the product team to work as a program manager to help define what a "Live" version of Visual Studio might look like. If you think about Office Live and Windows Live , you...
  • Dan's Blog

    Scrum Scrum Scrum

    It’s been a while since I last wrote – I’ve been eager to post but just hadn’t come up with the correct topic. The past several weeks I’ve immersed myself in Scrum – as in Agile. Last week I took a two day class from Ken Schwaber and I’m proud to say...
  • Mike Ormond's Blog

    Building a Gadget (contd)

    I can't believe I'm writing this in FrontPage but there you go (not because I don't like FP but it's an unlikely tool for authoring a blog entry). If anyone has a recommendation for good blog editing software please let me know. My simple requirements...
  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    Symbolism (Office 12 Coolness, Part 5)

    In every phase of my life in which I've been required to create documents, a different set of symbols has been important to me. For instance, in high school, I studied Spanish, which meant figuring out how to type ñ and ¿. In college, as I repeatedly...
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