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  • Benjamin Wright-Jones

    SQL Server 2005 Up & Running Roadshow

    Just seen this . "Get the facts about deploying SQL Server 2005 in one information-packed day. SQL Server experts will present practical, real-world information in three tracks--administration...
  • Benjamin Wright-Jones

    New SQL Server Web Data Administrator (Work in Progress)

    Although work is still in progress, I am impressed by the screenshots of the new version of Web Data Administrator for SQL Server . Go here for more
  • ChandruR's Blog

    Configuring TempDB for Optimal TFS Performance

    As any complex database application would Team Foundation Server uses TempDB both explicitly and implicitly. In addition the Version Control component will use Read Committed Snapshot Isolation (RCSI) in RTM for improved concurrency. RCSI is a new feature...
  • Answers and Observations

    SQL Server Auto Shrink Option

    Most SQL DBAs know that automatically shrinking a SQL Server DB is not a recommended practice since it can cause serious performance degradation. I had a customer that was running a weekly batch process that deleted a large amount of data then re-inserted...
  • Zandoná Mobile®

    SMTP/POP3 email component for .NET Compact Framework for free!!!

    Gaurav Khanna just posted CSLMail - SMTP/POP3 email component for .NET Framework AND .NET Compact Framework - in his own words: CSLMail 2.0 is a free and feature rich .NET based email component, which supports the SMTP and POP3 protocols, completing...
  • Test Embedded

    A Blast from the Past ... Paul Allen Style

    A resource for computer history. PDP Planet is a portal into the Paul Allen collection of Digital Equipment Corporation mainframes and minicomputers, where pride of place is given to two PDP-10 systems (a 2065 running the Tops-10 operating system, and...
  • Paul Maher's Blog

    Developer Dave Website Update

    Thanks to all of you who have provided excellent feedback on the new Microsoft Application Security website. I should start by saying we have a long list of actions based on your input. To my frustration...because of course these things take time....
  • Paul Maher's Blog

    The Developer Highway Code

    I'm very excited, we are almost ready to publish the Microsoft Application Security - Developer Highway Code handbook. I've included the back page of the Highway Code below, by way of an introduction. The Developer Highway Code will be made available...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    How to destroy your credit card with your Pocket PC case...

    I have to tell you this story, because it amazed me, showing how blind you can sometimes be to the obvious... Recently my local ATM, when fed with my Maestro card , told me it would not recognize the card. Hmm, so let's try a different ATM - same result...
  • Michael Yeager's MSDN Blog

    Visio and Workflow

    As some of you know, I have been spending a lot of my spare time lately working on the ProcessVelocity application (you may be surprised to hear that it has advanced to a preview release - more about that next time). This means that I have been spending...
  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    The Myth of the Orange Dot

    One thing you might have noticed in Office 12 demos and screenshots is that certain commands in the Ribbon have an orange dot as their icon. People have speculated on what the orange dot represents; guesses have ranged from highlighting features you...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Dr.Seuss on Avalon

    Sean Gerety has an entertaining post on Avalon that Dr. Seuss would be proud of.
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