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  • IEBlog Português

    CSS3 3D Transforms no IE10

    Os recursos do CSS3 facilitam a criação de experiências avançadas e imersivas na Web. Uma postagem recente descreveu como desenvolvedores da Web adicionam personalidade a seus sites com o CSS3 Transitions and Animations. O CSS3 3D Transforms adiciona...
  • Jerry Nixon

    A Phone App on every Platform?

    My colleague Windows Phone Developer Evangelist, Daniel Egan, has set out to do the impossible. Only kidding. He has set out to measure the real differences between building an app on Windows Phone, the IPhone, and Android. I am excited to see his conclusions...
  • Clark Sell

    Web Service Security Book

    Yesterday I received my copy of: Web Service Security Scenarios, Patters, and implementation guidance for Web Service Enhancements (WSE) 3.0. 0-7356-2314-7 So far it looks like a great read. It's one of the first I have seen that addresses patters...
  • mstehle: The CDOs and CDONTS of Messaging Development

    FYI: New Sample Code! CDOEX & WebDAV How To Add Recurrence to

    In an effort to provide samples in a organized and repeatable manner, I have created a format for adding code samples to my blog. The code samples will be added as articles which won't get aggregated here . You can also check the TOC to get links to the...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Butler Area .net User Group

    From our friends at BADNUG : The Butler Area Dot Net User Group will meet on March 9th at Communifax's HQ in Cranberry Township, PA. The main presentation will be a real-world implementation of SQL Server Reporting Services. The meeting will be...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    How to Choose Between Windows Azure Queues, Windows Azure Service Bus Queues


    WinAzure_rgbOne of the key patterns in building scalable applications is queues. Let’s say you have a Website or Web Service (in your Web Role) that responds quickly to a user request, but there’s another process that takes longer. It might be a long data base inquiry or video encoding or extensive calculation would be in a Worker Role. You may want to spin up more processors to work on those long term items too. The way the Web Role talks to your Worker Role is through queues.

    You could choose Windows Azure Queues as a dedicated queue storage mechanism built on top of the Windows Azure storage services.  You add an item on the queue, and the Worker Role checks the queue and performs the work.

    Of you might choose to use a Service Bus Queue when you want to run process messages in a particular order (guaranteed first-in-first-out. Or maybe you need to hold the item in a queue and store it for a while. Or maybe you need automatic duplicate detection.

  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Microsoft Certification Program: Looking Back at 2011

    Some think certifications are just revenue generating schemes created by companies to push more of their product. Others think no certification in the world can replace years of experience “in the trenches” business acumen. While both of these...
  • Mark D'Urso's Blog

    MSDN2 ARCast now available on Channel 9

    Ron Jacobs has posted the ARCast we did around my session at VSLive in San Francisco on Channel 9 . The show focuses on the philosophy behind some of the work we've done for MSDN2 and focuses on a few specific technologies like the Virtual Path Provider...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    A Protractor Compared to a Non-pro Tractor?

    This video from MathMovesU is either funny or scary depending on how you view it. They sent some students on the streets of Boston to ask adults questions about math. Easy stuff like "what is a protractor?" and what is 52 times 2. ...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Friday Interesting Links

    I found a couple of short things I felt I should link to today. Martin Schray pointed me at an interesting post at the Visual Basic blog that I really should have linked to earlier. Amanda Silver wrote up about some "hidden gems" in Visual Basic...
  • Asmita's blog

    Open Containing Folder in Visual Studio Solution Explorer

    Hi All, After so much relaxing vacation its fun to start work considering everything as new . Yes its new year and so I am starting everything as if I am doing it fresh , the first time. With thatmuch curiously and Interest. So I started the work...
  • Security Tips & Talk

    New Windows Live OneCare for home and small business networks

    Features designed to help manage multiple computers are included in the newest version of Windows Live OneCare , which Microsoft released late last year. These features make it easier to manage security on home networks and small business networks. ...
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