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  • .NET Security Blog

    Finding the Source Code for an Assembly

    Sometimes, especially when working on large projects (such as, I don't know, say ... the CLR), you find yourself debugging a problem where you don't know where a component is built from. Depending on the problem, it might be useful to get to the sources...
  • One Louder

    The Human Head Weighs 8 Pounds

    OK not really, but I thought this would be a good way to kick off a blog post on what you can do to help me help you . I'm specifically thinking about the e-mails I get from people wanting to be considered for roles at Microsoft. None of the stuff I am...
  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    Restarting Media in Nov CTP

    Just came across an issue with restarting media in the Nov CTP. First off, assume the code is using independent mode. (See the draft of the what's new article for more on media in the Nov CTP and the difference between independent mode and clock mode...
  • Leading Trump - Pradeep U.N. & his Blog about Nothing.

    MIT Innovation: Screambody-Scream your frustrations and carry it with you!

    Screambody is a portable space of screaming. When a user needs to scream but is in anynumber of situations where it is just not permitted, ScreamBody silences the user’s screams so they may feel free to vocalize without fear of environmental retaliation...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Visual Studio Partner Product DVD

    There's a great resource DVD available for order from here that includes evaluation versions of many of our Visual Studio Industry Partners products, e.g.: AmberPoint, Borland, ComponentOne, Compuware, Dundas, and Logic Library just to name a few. See...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    First 6 months as a Microsoft employee ...

    Microsoft Program Manager Adam Herscher chronicles his impressions of Microsoft at his six month mark . If you click around on his links, you'll find posts about his interview experience and his first day on the job. Fun read. Congrats, Adam! gretchen
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Evento Comunidad .NET Guatemala - 23 Noviembre

    La comunidad de Desarrolladores .NET de Guatemala se estará reuniendo el día miércoles 23 de Noviembre para tener una sesión técnica sobre Refactoring en C# . Recuerda que puedes unirte a ésta o a cualquier otra comunidad de CCA para enriquecer tus conocimientos...
  • One Louder

    Wrong Thanksgiving Food

    My friend Mark made me think of this...all the food that comes out at Thanksgiving that simply should not exist. I think this is mostly because he's British and his wife is American, so he can view our American tradition with a little bit of objectivity...
  • HealthBlog

    Tablet PCs, Healthcare Integration, Portals and More

    I'm just back from visiting with more than a hundred customers who attended our Healthcare Executive Forum events in Philadelphia and New York City. Our New York event was held in the famous Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center . I even had a chance to...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    An Open Letter to Santa Claus RE: XBox 360

    Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year although it's pretty hard to prove to you since you're all the way up at the North Pole, it's true. I've worked and studied hard. I've been nice, thought good thoughts, and remained optimistic. I have practiced...
  • One Louder

    XBox Stuff

    Big launch so I guess I should blog about it, except everyone else already is, so I'll just link. I'm not a gamer myself, but I certainly admire the marketing that goes into launching a product like XBox 360 (plus it's cool to see customers geek out over...
  • Visual Communication and Design, Now with Audio!

    Style Guides

    The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications is our house style guide, of course. It contains information specific to computer terminology and usage (e-mail, toolbar), and it also gives guidance for general writing (that vs. which, tone and...
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