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  • Just Coding

    Do you like VS Code Regions ?

    The first time I saw the feature called CodeRegions was back in the 90s, the tool was  the HotDog Editor , it allows you to collapse HTML tag elements.  Now, with VS.Net we have the same feature for C# and VB.Net code. I liked it. The first idea that...
  • HoppeRx - the cure for your ailing device

    An Idea is concieved - welcome to the Hopper community Blog!

    Greetings all, please be patient while this blog is populated. I promise lots of good stuff is coming down the tube.
  • TexBlog

    Signing on

    I just got my blog up and running today, which - incidentally - is the three week anniversary of my employment with Microsoft. Only 3 days before my first day at Microsoft, my family and I took the fateful one-way flight from SJC to SEA. My role here...
  • Roberdan

    The Canonical Intranet Homepage

    THX to Jacob Nielsen -
  • Bill O'Brien's WebLog

    Whidbey Beta 2 install

    Got my Beta2 DVD in the post last week. So I thought I'd throw it onto my machine (I normally use Virtual Machines but whats good for the goose and all that). The SQL Express install that occurs as part of the VS install, failed. So I decided that I would...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    IT@Cork and Kerrysoft WinFX slide decks

    A number of people have asked for a copy of the slide deck from my WinFX presentations last week in Cork and Tralee . Catherine Wall of IT@Cork has just posted it at this link on the IT@Cork site:
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    Coding 4 fun

    A few people here at Microsoft created a website for those who write code for fun. Check it out, it has articles on various topics ranging from cool utilities to web development to game development. And they have a nice column on xml. Coding for fun...
  • ReuvenLax

    Back to Math

    I haven't been blogging in a little while, and I want to start blogging about VSS related topics soon. However, for now I'll throw out another math puzzle, though this one is much easier. Remember that given a set U of real numbers, a real number x...
  • Dynamics NAV Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Running more than one active configuration in BA 4.00

    As promised at my session last week I would post a detailed walk through of how to be able to run more than one active configuration with BA in Navision 4.00. First of all I would like to state that this is not a thing that I'd recommend doing unless...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    A brief note about my new job

    I generally don't use my blog to talk about non-technical topics, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about my new job and team at Microsoft. About a month ago I swiched from the Windows Embedded team to the Windows Media Center team. In addition to...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    SQL Server 2005 developer discussion tomorrow night

    There's more than one way to look at a database (and I don't just mean using different OLTP database diagrams!). Developers, DBAs, and Business Intelligence analysts all have their own perspectives on a data store. No matter what your perspective,...
  • MSDN Ireland News

    Free MS Press eBook with Visual Studio Beta2 - how to get it!

    Just got a question in regarding the free MS Press eBook you get when you register your Visual Studio 2005 beta2 software... The DVDs have started shipping as part of the Beta2 Experience - so more of you are probably interested... if you are, check out...
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