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  • deeptanshuv's WebLog

    Interop followup : handling C2065 errors building C++ Exe

    Hi! A customer emailed me with the feedback that my sample code with C++ Exe calling C# Dll does not build with VS 2003. I investigated; the reason is that in VS 2003 the tlb exposes the namespace in lowercase as csdll instead of CSDll. The fix...
  • Antimail

    Puzzle: probability problem

    Here is an interesting probability problem who recently generated long discussions in our team: Say that you have an array of N boolean values, with all values initially set to FALSE. At each iteration step, you arbitrary pick an element in the array...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    New Toys - iPod Shuffle and Roku M500

    I got some new toys as presents - the ubiquitous iPod Shuffle , and a Roku M500 network music player . Well, strictly, speaking, they're not *my* toys - they belong to my daughter, but since she's unlikely to blog about them, I thought I would. ...
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained

    What's that awful directory name under Windows\WinSxS?

    As the Visual C++ Runtimes version 8.0 is now a side-by-side component, you may have seen what looks like an unreasonably complexly named path from which parts of the CRT are loaded. "Golly, what can they possibly be thinking - creating a directory whose...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Show your Admin the love ...

    A few months ago, I mentioned that getting to know and respecting your group’s Admin was amongst the crucial steps to making your way at Microsoft. Well, now it seems that someone else got that memo ‘cause look at what you can now buy at the Microsoft...
  • BizTalk Adapter Development

    Message Header vs. Context Terminology

    Terminology: header vs. context...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Overloaded WebMethods

    Question : We are in the process of developing an application that will be used internally. We have just started coding using Visual Studio 2005. Part of the design uses overloaded functions and methods. This works fine until I start building some Web...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Idea: Store Your Demo Apps on Gotdotnet

    How many live events have you attended where the speaker compiled and ran a cool demo app? F5 F5 F5! The room buzzes with excitement. The code compiles and runs without error. “Oohs” and “ahs” give way to applause, which morphs into probing questions...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Do you know what really annoys me....

    When people find information on your blog and then don't link back to your blog... One thing I learnt from many bloggers when I first starting blogging was to be very gratious with credit to others... It's great to drive traffic to everyone's blogs...
  • I'm not a Klingon ( )

    What's my Encoding Called?

    There is a bit of confusion about the System.Text.Encoding names, primarily "Which name do I use for my Encoding?" The Encoding class has 3 hame properties: BodyName, WebName and HeaderName, and the EncodingInfo objects returned by Encoding.GetEncodings...
  • ronpih's weblog

    MFC Books?

    Being new to the VC++ Programming Model space I'm looking for some pointers to resources (books, etc.) on MFC. Does anyone out there have any favorite MFC books that they can recommend? Two that have been mentioned to me already are: MFC Internals...
  • ronpih's weblog

    OT: From the Email Box

    I received this email in response from Stu to my recent post on Kate Gregory: Hi, Slightly off topic, but you use the term "fight the good fight" in your post about Kate on 12/26/05. I've heard that phrase before. Can you please tell me where that...
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