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  • ReuvenLax

    What nobody thinks about

    When people develop software, there are three things that aren't thought about until the final stages of development. Security Backup Performance As a corollary, some might add Manageability. Now all of these topics will probably have...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Store Excel Formulas in SQL Server DB

    Two of my colleagues, Sergei Gundorov and Clark Hamilton, have been busy, busy, busy. They did a three-part series of articles on Excel, and the third one is perhaps their best: Part 3: Replicating Excel 2003 Formulas to SQL Server The basic gist is using...
  • BorisJ's Blog

    New Visual C++ Focused Blog

    Hey everyone! I am a fairly new Program Manager for the Visual C++ IDE. I am starting this blog to push exposure of cool features that exist in Visual C++ as well as promote discussion of other areas that I find interesting. These span distributed...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Transcript from yesterday's chat

    Thanks to everybody for participating in yesterday's chat. We hope you found the answers useful. I am attaching the transcript below. Chat Topic: Windows Embedded Student Challenge Date: Thursday, April 07, 2005 James Z (Moderator): We are pleased...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Overall Champion Webcast Presenter for the Microsoft ASP.NET Webcast Series - Fritz Onion

    Last October we had a webcast series on ASP.NET. It was a huge success. We have over 240,000 registrations. We had a whopping 40 webcasts structured across Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced webcasts. If you’ve ever tried to explain a technology...
  • Brad McCabe's WebLog

    Using the Serial and USB ports with VB.NET

    I was playing around with my USB GPS receiver the other day and started to wonder how hard it would be to integrate it into my applications (more on this in the future). The first challenge I had was to be able to talk with it via the USB port and gather...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    How to download MSDN Webcasts in Live Meeting 2005

    Our new live meeting conference center lets you download the webcasts for offline viewing. So if your company doesn't allow streaming media, you can download them and view the offline. If you're on an airplane or waiting someplace, you can whip our your...
  • Eric Jarvi

    LUA making it into dinner table conversation

    OK, so maybe that's a stretch but it's nice to see the pros and cons of this basic idea being discussed more broadly: "Fewer permissions are key to Longhorn security"
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    I need handheld advice...

    My 10-year-old daughter has asked for a portable game system for her birthday, and my ignorance in that area is considerable, so I'm looking for some advice. I looked at the new Sony PSP. It's beautiful, but I think $250+ is way out of the price range...
  • Brad McCabe's WebLog

    The Connected Car

    I was reading this morning about Windows Automotive . The car has become a very "smart" place. People have DVDs and other entertainment systems installed, cars track your location and give directions with GPS, cell phones interface via Blue Tooth now...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    1. MSN 7.0和MSN Space正式发布了 MSN 7.0终于结束了Beta,正式发布了。之前据说在新的版本里可以发送离线消息,就像QQ一样,但最后还是没有看到。不知道是没有这项功能还是我没有成功配置好。 其他方面,没有太大的改进,和Beta看上去还是一个样。 MSN Space据说已经有450多万用户了。但根据我的个人经验,很多space只有寥寥几篇文章,几张照片,基本处于荒芜状态。或许Space能够改动的地方太少了,很难吸引技术人员。 同时...
  • Eric Jarvi


    Every now and then an email post stands out from the crowd and taxes my vocabulary, such as this simple one liner I received about 2 hours ago: "I just have to ask, should we make sure we don’t frobnicate the bugs?"
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