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  • Palermo4 on MSDN

    2012 Dec 15 Gangplank JS Hackathon

    Hardcore JavaScript, HTML5, and NodeJS developers come together on this day and create an app for prizes. If things go my way, my team will walk out with a prize - and an app in the Windows Store! I will be representing Microsoft as co-sponsor for lunch...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    My Nephew Kevin Jumped In...

    Just got an email from my nephew. He's been asking about the best way to get an Xbox 360. A lot of folks (even internally) have been using the tool on . It worked for Kevin (gamertag= Pain Bringer 9 )... Great... One more entry...
  • Alex Rosa & SQL Server

    Max Worker Threads - Lower and Upper Bounds - The Correct Formula


    Last week I was discussing with some friends, how SQL Server works with threads: Max Worker Threads - Lower and Upper bounds, Thread Pooling, SQLOS Scheduling, Parallelism, Resource Governor - CPU limits, Call Stack, Thread Starvation, Dedicated/System and User, all the topics related to Threads.

  • 青い空の向こうへ

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV,GP を Windows Azure でホスト、提供可能に

    これまでマイクロソフトの SaaS 型クラウドサービスとしては、Office 365 や Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online が提供されており、オンラインで直接購入が可能になっています。 このたび、Microsoft Dynamics 認定パートナーが Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 および Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 を Windows Azure インフラストラクチャーサービス (仮想マシン、仮想ネットワーク) 上でホストし...
  • Microsoft UK Teachers Blog

    Microsoft UK Education Free Stuff but not an App

    I have been asked a lot for the links in my free Windows App. As some don’t as yet haven’t upgraded. So whilst that is happening I thought I would list all the links in that App, that can be accessed in a non Win 8 environment. What this exercise proved...
  • IEBlog 简体中文

    来自 IE 团队的节日问候!

    在这欢乐祥和的节日氛围中,我们也要和大家分享一些有关启用 GPU 加速的 HTML5 和 CSS3 的好消息。请查看 Holiday Lites 来增加屏幕亮度,并测试您浏览器的布局和呈现性能。本演示将展示 IE11 将如何以增量方式更新内容,而无需在每项 DOM 操作后布局和呈现“整个”页面。 其采用了包括 HTML5、CSS3、Border-Image、Flexbox、MP3 Audio、Power Efficient 计时器在内的众多技术。 请查看 Holiday Lites 来测试您浏览器的布局和呈现性能...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    Tripp's Tiny Tips #12 Lock Screen Rotation

    Use the settings charm to open the settings panel (six-pack), select Screen and click the rotating screen.
  • Microsoft SharePoint 小組部落格

    將自訂宣告提供者中的 Secure Store Service 與 SharePoint 2010 搭配使用

    最近在使用我正在處理的自訂宣告提供者中的 Secure Store Service (SSS) 時,我發覺一個絕妙的新構想。這實際上是一個很有趣的案例,因為我正在做許多人想要做的事:自訂宣告增強。我需要連線至遠端資料來源,以利查詢每個使用者的一些其他資訊,然後使用該資訊來判斷要增強或不增強哪個宣告。 在自訂宣告提供者中使用資料來源的一般指導方針中,請務必記住您的自訂宣告提供者組件將由 SharePoint STS 處理序保留在記憶體中。這使得擷取「資訊」變得容易許多 (方法是將資訊儲存在類別層級變數...
  • Idle Coding

    Using registers for return value debugging in Visual Studio

    Often, I find myself desiring to know the return value of function. Normally, I can set a print message breakpoint on the following line after the function call: bool fFlag = pMyClass->FGetSomeFlag(); if ( fFlag ) // <-- Set breakpoint here...
  • IUpdateable from Eric Nelson (

    Visual Basic books in the UK were top sellers in the lead into Christmas

    I was looking at some statistics on developer book sales in the months leading up to Christmas 2008. Overall C# outsold VB (there are a lot of C# books to choose from!) BUT VB 2008 had three of the top five slots including the number one slot. Unfortunately...
  • Sweden .Net Awards blogg

    Software + Service

    Webblösningar och integrationslösningar via "Hosters". Alla era lösningar är välkomna.
  • IEBlog 한국어

    2013년 12월 Internet Explorer 업데이트

    Microsoft 보안 공지 MS13-097 - 긴급 이 보안 업데이트는 Internet Explorer에서 비공개적으로 보고된 취약점 7건을 해결합니다. 가장 심각한 취약점으로는 사용자가 Internet Explorer를 사용하여 특수 조작된 웹 페이지를 열어 볼 경우 원격 코드가 실행될 수 있다는 것입니다. 이렇게 심각한 취약점을 악용해 시스템에 침투한 해커는 현재 사용자와 동일한 권한을 얻게 됩니다. 시스템에 대한 사용자 권한이 비교적...
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