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  • o-LIVE-r

    8-Bit Weihnachtslieder

    Von wegen Weihnachten ist kitschig, bedächtig und langweilig. Mit der richtigen Musik wird es schon … richtig fetzig 8-Bit-Sound-Weihnachtsliederplayer
  • Satisfy Me

    AllThingsD: Apple Extends iPhone Lines Additional 2 Hours

    If you didn't get one at launch, like waiting in lines and are an early bird by nature, John Paczkowski of AllThingsD reports that Apple is extending iPhone lines at their stores for an additional two hours , opening at 8:00AM... "Great news for the Mac...
  • Le blog des éditeurs de logiciels

    Les Friday Labs - Windows Phone 7

    Vous avez terminé le développement d’une application Windows Phone 7 et vous souhaitez la tester sur un appareil ? Les équipes Microsoft en charge du développement d’applications Windows Phone 7 vous proposent...
  • Microsoft SharePoint チームのブログ

    Photo Vote で友達を投票しましょう

    原文の記事の投稿日: 2011 年 11 月 5 日 (土曜日) Photo Vote で友達を投票しましょう。この投稿では、Office ビジネス インテリジェンス チームが Microsoft Office ラボ チームと提携して作成した新しいアプリケーションの Photo Vote について紹介します。Photo Vote では、Facebook 内に簡単な投票機能を作成でき... ( 続きを読む ) これはローカライズされたブログ投稿です。原文の記事は、「 Poll Your Friends...
  • Blog

    Reading the SQL Server Error Logs: Part 4

    In the third post about the SQL Server error logs, we examined the CPU, locking, and memory messages. In this fourth post, we'll examine database startup and recovery. Here's that picture of the error log again for reference: System Databases...
  • A PM's View to Application Security

    WACA postponed a few weeks

    After some project prioritization, WACA is being postponed for a few weeks. As you can imagine, this screws up our sprint planning meeting that was completed. WACA was fully planned and we were ready to kick off Sprint 1. These other projects should last...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Bing is the Thing + New Improved PartnerSource Search

    There is a lot of buzz regarding "Search" today. Plus, I wanted to highlight some great feedback we've received regarding the improved PartnerSource search functionality. First, Yahoo! and Microsoft announced an agreement that will improve the Web...
  • Visual Studio News-Blog

    Nur noch bis Ende Juni 2009: Auf Visual Studio Team System oder Team Suite umsteigen und bis zu 30% sparen!

    Upgrade von Visual Studio Professional auf Visual Studio Team System Edition Sie möchten den nächsten Schritt zur Professionalisierung tun? Dann ist jetzt der richtige Zeitpunkt. Wenn Sie heute Visual Studio Professional mit MSDN Premium im Einsatz...
  • Peter Kirchner Online

    msdn TV - Nachrichten für Entwickler

    Fashion Victim Jan Schenk beweist in der neuesten Folge von „msdn tv“ einmal mehr, dass der Begriff „Moderator“ eindeutig vom Wort „Mode“ herrührt. Sein Interviewpartner ist diesmal der deutsche MSDN Online-Chef Kay Giza , der einen Blick hinter die Kulissen...
  • Microsoft Australia in Health

    How slow is Health in adopting technology?

    Folks, a very old footage of IBM’s attempts in 1961 to help hospitals go paperless (if you want to understand the pace of change in health, this is a good video to watch)
  • c0der

    First CRM VPC set up, and lesson learned...

    Hi all, and welcome to my first blogpost here @ I just started at Microsoft on June 1st, and right away I figured out it would be a good idea to setup a VPC with MS CRM. I installed the VPC with 2003r2, and for the sake of argument...
  • デバ���スとITの架け橋

    .NET Micro Frameworkのカスタムエミュレータの作り方

    ニッチなネタですみません。備忘録的に書いておきます。 組込み機器は千差万別。製品が違えば必ずどこかしらHWは違うもの。ついているセンサーやアクチュエーター、UI全部違います。C#で書いてPC上でエミュレートできるのも、.NET Micro Frameworkのメリットの一つ。で、カスタムなハードウェアを作って.NET Micro Frameworkを移植すると、カスタムなエミュレーターが必要になります。複雑なアルゴリズムやネットワーク通信系は、エミュレーター上で動作確認しておけば、実ハードウェアで動かない場合は...
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