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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    MSDN Subscribers getting WinFX on Vista

    Nigel Parker has a timely post about MSDN Subscribers getting WinFX on Vista on the RTM builds of Visual Studio 2005 just in time for Christmas! Let me repeat - the December CTP of Windows Vista is *now* available for download to MSDN Subscribers ...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    Handbook for a manager

    Business 2.0 has a good article about a handbook of sorts that they say CEOs swear by. Below is my version or interpretation of their list that should really apply to any manager, not just a CEO: Have the right strategy Admit when you don...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    An Excuse to Go To Las Vegas

    Mix 06 , a Web development conference from March 20-22. Looks like a good place to play with some of the Expression tools.
  • One Louder

    Updating resume not just for the job seeker

    It may be time for taking stock of one's career over the last year...the holidays being so quiet and all and that resolution thing looming. But some folks are just happy where they are, thanks. Company treating them great, good pay, still loving the job...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    What happens when you anger a bunch of recruiters who blog? :)

    In case you don't follow the recruiting blogosphere :), there's been quite a lot of blog talk spinning around the past few days. Why all the chatter? In a recent ERE article on the Best (and Worst) in Recruiting , Dr. John Sullivan listed blogs in his...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    whoopsie - did I say that?

    I was technoratiing myself today when I noticed that PokerGrub was nice enough to say some nice things about the launch event I did in Vegas a few weeks back . Unfortunately, I may have miscommunicated my position at Microsoft when I explaining a glitch...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Free Visual Studio e-learning

    We've launched some free e-learning that focuses on 'Upgrading from VB6' and 'ASP.NET 2.0'. There's a short window on this...the code will in fact expire on Jan 5th, 2006. You can find more details here:
  • ronpih's weblog


    With the end of a long product cycle come inevitable changes. In my case, the change involves moving to a different team within VC Testing. My new team is the Programming Model team which includes the C/C++ compiler front end and the C++ Libraries (CRT...
  • Daniel Lehenbauer's Blog

    3D Tools Workspace updated to December CTP bits

    I've packaged a new release of the 3D Tools workspace targeting the December CTP WinFX bits. This release adds two requested features to the ModelViewer sample. The first is the ability to light the scene. This is convenient if you are viewing a model...
  • amivora's WebLog

    Holidays at MS

    One of the reasons I like working with the WCF team. Yes, that’s what every day at the office is like. Well, many days. It’s the holiday season at Microsoft now, which is a combination of very productive and utterly frustrating. It’s a great (quiet...
  • MSDN Ireland News

    Slides from Ireland/NI Launch 2005 tour available!

    The slides from the Microsoft presentations are now available on the Launch 2005 site. Thanks for your patience in waiting for them – things have been pretty hectic since we got back from the launch tour. I hope all of you who received your copies...
  • Virtual Earth & MapPoint B2B

    Virtual Earth SDKs Available Online

    For those of you who want to view the VE SDKs online (without having to download them), you can do so by following these links: VE Standard Control VE Commercial Control
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