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  • Frederic Aatz's blog

    Big Data, un sujet d’actualité pour tous en France et aux US

    Cette semaine aura été une semaine particulièrement riche pour Microsoft autour du Big Data !!   Alors que, à Paris, nous avions un débat sur le sujet pendant TechDays avec la présence de HortonWorks aux cotés de Captain Dash et AT Internet (Xiti...
  • User Ed - The blog of Ed Price, Customer Program Manager

    30 Days of... What?

    30 Days? Yes, 30 days. My eventual goal is to keep up with 3 posts a week on my current topic for 10 weeks. If I want to post something that isn't my current topic, I can, but it doesn't count toward my three posts a week (so I'd post it on one of...
  • Softwarehersteller in Deutschland

    Entwickler-Ressourcen für IE8-Kompatibilität

    Gute Startpunkte für die Entwicklung für den Internet Explorer 8 und die Berücksichtigung der Kompatibilität zu Vorgängerversionen finden Sie in den folgenden drei Portalen, die ich Ihnen empfehlen möchte. Entwicklerinformationsindex für Internet Explorer...
  • Blog

    Initial Windows Installation

    Some things come naturally to SQL Server DBAs. You could probably debug indexes in your sleep. But if this is your first time installing and supporting SQL Server, here are a few suggestions for installing Windows Server on the computer that is running...
  • Dr. SharePoint

    Sharepointi gurude piiblid

    Praegu välja antud raamatute osas mis käsitlevad Sharepointi, on kaks mis väärivad eraldi esiletõstmist. "Inside Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0" – Ted Pattison, Daniel Larson "Inside Microsoft...
  • Blog da equipe do Microsoft SharePoint

    Comentários de Eric Swift sobre a conexão do Lync com o SharePoint

    Comentários de Eric Swift sobre a conexão do Lync com o SharePoint O lançamento do Lync 2010 na quarta-feira conclui e realmente supera nossa onda de produtos de produtividade 2010 lançados no ano passado, incluindo o Office, o SharePoint e o Exchange...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    PHP and IE8 Web Slices

    Bruce Kyle just told me that Microsoft has published a blog post on PHP and IE8 web slices that might be of broad interest, and so I'm blogging about it here. The post (on our interoperabiilty blog) explains how a PHP web site can easily enable content...
  • Brad Chen's SQL Server Blog

    Listing space used information in each database files

    Listing space used information in each database files -- SQL Server 2000請將 sys.databases改成sysdatabases -- 第欄是資料使用大小單位是KB CREATE TABLE #db_space ( [DBname] NVARCHAR(50), [Fileid] NVARCHAR(10), [Filegroup] NVARCHAR(10), [TotalExtents] int, [UsedExtents...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Great Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog posts you may have missed - Week Two

    Each week our CRM product team and community members puts out a number of interesting blogs focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Here is this weeks summary: Title Author Training Resources for Microsoft Dynamics 2011...
  • BizTalk: Notes from the field

    Understanding BAM Partitioning

    Whenever you deploy a BAM Activity, the underlying database infrastructure is created for you automatically. Apart from the following five tables (and their associated views), bam_<ActivityName>_Active , bam_<ActivityName>_ActiveRelationships...
  • Education

    21st Century Learning Design in Action–two day workshop from ELH

    Are you going to EduTech next week? Would you like to be able to develop practical strategies that help you turn some of the great ideas into concrete plans? The team at Expanding Learning Horizons have created a training  event, running in Brisbane...
  • IEBlog 한국어

    2013년 12월 Internet Explorer 업데이트

    Microsoft 보안 공지 MS13-097 - 긴급 이 보안 업데이트는 Internet Explorer에서 비공개적으로 보고된 취약점 7건을 해결합니다. 가장 심각한 취약점으로는 사용자가 Internet Explorer를 사용하여 특수 조작된 웹 페이지를 열어 볼 경우 원격 코드가 실행될 수 있다는 것입니다. 이렇게 심각한 취약점을 악용해 시스템에 침투한 해커는 현재 사용자와 동일한 권한을 얻게 됩니다. 시스템에 대한 사용자 권한이 비교적...
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