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  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Receive NZ headlines in Visual Studio 2005!

    This is something I've been working on for a while and it finally works! If you live in New Zealand, we can let you know of New Zealand news and events, etc that are coming up that you might be interested in from inside Visual Studio 2005. So -...
  • The Hogg Blog

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Web service security UsernameToken

    I am still getting used to the blogging tool - so figured I would try out creating an article. Knocked this little beauty up on UsernameToken's as I know that is something that has caused a lot of confusion in the past.
  • ReuvenLax

    Extending Value Numbering 2

    In the last post we extended the value-numbering algorithm to extended basic blocks. This is generally a win, but still leaves us wanting a bit more. Consider the following contrived program: x = y + z B1 if x == 0 a = y + z B2 else b = y + z...
  • Monad

    A bit about Scriptblocks

    When scripting with MSH one of the most useful things to know about are scriptblocks (lambda functions). Scriptblocks are compiled bits of MSH script which you can pass around and invoke whenever you feel like it. They turn out to be so useful that if...
  • XinXin's Blog -- BizTalk Server && BAM

    Error in Deploying a Workbook with Locales set to Non-English

    The following is a typical error message when this failure occurs: ========================================= C:\cathi4>bm deploy-all -definitionfile:SalesManagerView.xls Microsoft (R) Business Activity Monitoring Utility Version 3.5.1535.0 Copyright...
  • Elton's Ark

    How to drag and drop the treenode in TreeView Controls

    Found a great article on this, and I will investigate it latter.
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Speaking of icons...

    Michael Affronti , program manager for RSS features in Outlook 12 has been blogging recently. He has some icon news also. I'm equally excited to announce that Outlook 12 will be using the same icon to represent RSS throughout the product. We are...
  • Daniel Lehenbauer's Blog

    Rotating the Camera with the Mouse

    Possibly the most common 3D UI paradigm is to rotate an object with the mouse in order to view it from all angles. This is illustrated by the images of the tiger model below: Figure 1a Tiger model in its original configuration...
  • Neal's Blog

    Enumerated Types

    I had an interesting discussion earlier regarding enums and how they work in .NET, and since I haven't I blogged in a while, I thought I'd post some thoughts. Conceptually, an enumerated type is a type that has a set of values that can be (surprise...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    Cool Regular Expressions Resources

    Ok I accept I might be the be the only one on the planet that struggles with Regular Expression syntax!! But on the off chance that I'm not the only one and like me you end up trying random regex patterns in the vain hope that something might work...
  • GerardoDada

    Attention Web Developers and Designers

    Microsoft is organizing a new event called MIX 06 in Las Vegas on March 20-22nd, 2006. A lot of things are going on the web including new business models, new technologies and a logical evolution that people are calling Web 2.0. If you work on this space...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    The Visual Studio Team System Blog is Reignited

    If you get a chance then check out the Team System Blog. If and you are running the Released version of Visual Studio and want to test out the Team Foundation Server (available for download off MSDN Subscriptions...
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