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  • Bug Babble

    Random Repros

    Adi Oltean continues a great series of blogs about supportability, with this one about Random Repros . Stop reading this. Go read that. And reply in his comments, if you have any ideas nearly as good as his. There are a couple of reason tough bugs...
  • Huizhong Long's WebLog

    Code Model & its Interop with Text Editor Object Model

    The Visual Studio Code Model can be used to read and edit the structure of the code in a file. The model gives you the ability to interact with files from different langauges in a common way without parsing the code. With this model, an automation client...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    DSL Example - Part 2: Domain Model

    Now that you've installed the DSL tools, it's time to create a sample domain specific language. The first step is to create the domain model. The domain model represents classes that will be generated by a user of your domain specific language designer...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    WinFx my experiences so far...

    I installed WinFX on two clean XP computers and a Vista computer the same time 5 days ago. 0. The Vista OS install was a piece of cake and is running fine... the only hiccups being the dodgy video drivers I am using to force aero. http://blogs.msdn...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Microsoft Recognized as Top 5 Employer of African-Americans

    This headline comes from last week's Micronews (our internal newspaper): Microsoft Recognized as Top 5 Employer of African-Americans The current edition of The Black Collegian lists Microsoft as No. 5 in a list of top employers among 100 corporations...
  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    Playing with the WMPSDK

    I've had this idea that a neat little WPF project would be to build a toy music visualizer, like the kind in Windows Media Player or the iTunes player. I have a bit of a background in digital signal processing, and this seemed like a fun exercise for...
  • amivora's WebLog

    Indigo Roadshow and the Magic8Ball demo

    Now that the Indigo Roadshow is officially over, I’m hoping to have some time to breathe and recap. After PDC, Payam and I did a whirlwind of stops through Chicago, Philadelphia, and Columbus. Payam, who’s Canadian and very well-traveled, kept complaining...
  • One Louder

    The Traffic Gods Have Spoken

    So Steve Ballmer talks about traffic here and then, this morning, traffic is backed up on 520 because they are re-paving the street right in front of my building (coincidence?). They could at least have the good sense to do it in the middle of the night...
  • One Louder

    Product Management Consortium, October 6

    We'll be there this Thursday! Well, not me, but Maria and Colin will be there along with some other recruiters and/or hiring managers. It's a good opportunity to get some face time with Microsoft recruiters. I'm not a big fan of job fairs but I understand...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    String Optimization: More detail

    In the prior post ( String Optimization. How does it work? ) I described an optimization of how the Assignment statement calls the expression evaluator for string concatenation statements. There are certain limitations with this optimization. For example...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Le site Web de Windows Embedded est maintenant disponible en Francais

    Bonne nouvelle pour tout les Frenchies du monde de l'embarqué: Le site de Windows Embedded est maintenant disponible en Francais ici: Amusez vous bien ! - Mike
  • Dieter's ProjBlog


    Project 12 expands the range of, reports supported on Project Server ... and greatly simplifies the process of building reports on Project Server. Let's start with Project Server 12's database architecture. Project Server 12 has four databases: Working...
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