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  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    The CLR Nullable DCR works!!!!!

    CLR took a DCR some time back on how nullable types are implemented. See here and here to find out more about the DCR. I found from one of the internal DLs that the fix was already in the RTM bits. I wrote a small piece of code which should work only...
  • Josh Christie

    Creating custom IHttpBody classes for coded web tests

    If you've recorded a web test and generated code, you've probably noticed the FormPostHttpBody class. You might have even seen the StringHttpBody class if you had web service requests in your web test. These are the only two built-in classes for generating...
  • Brad Abrams

    My PDC interview on Channel9

    The channel9 guys just posted an interview we did focusing on the PDC. Check it out … Love to hear your comments.. Anything you didn't know before? BTW, I don't think it is too late to register for the PreCon if you are already comming to the PDC, you...
  • Eric Lee - A Humble Blog

    July CTP workarounds

    The July CTP release of Visual Studio Team System is really a step foward from the Beta 2. Performance, polish and reporting are some really big improvements. That said, it has a few blemishes. I'm trying to put together a VPC image of our July CTP...
  • Jeff Lin's Blogs for the Eternal Mindlessness

    Vacation Robots - Ingenius??

    I've seen some crazy wierd things come through Japan, many of which never makes it here to American Shores(thank god). For instance this little gem here for the XBOX Bistro Cupid , " Romance and good cooking mix and meld in this love interaction game...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Improving Presentation Visibility/Readability

    I may have posted this before, but it bears of the major challenges for speakers (and their audiences) is being able to see what's being presented, particularly in large venues. And while it's easy to change the font size in your IDE so...
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    “Qualified” y “Unqualified” esquemas

    En ocasiones cuando procesamos mensajes en nuestras aplicaciones de integración encontramos que algunas acciones especificadas como mapas de transformación o asignaciones xpath() no son ejecutadas como se esperan, después de revisar los esquemas de definición...
  • Ian Moulster's blog

    Introducing w3Schools, plus here comes the PDC

    As I'm a fairly simple sort of person I'm always on the lookout for resources that explain things in really simple terms. I don't have much time and I have too many priorities (sound familiar?) so I when I need to understand something I want to get straight...
  • Jeff Lin's Blogs for the Eternal Mindlessness

    PowerPoint 2003 Tips and Tricks

    Yes, I know that there is nothing more exciting in life than sitting through 3 hours of PowerPoint slides. So here are more tips and tricks to keep that audience of yours entertained. Jazz it up with some animation, add some music, heck, dance like its...
  • Santomania

    Setting up a .NET Development Tree

    Not new but worth mentioning anyway: Mike Robert treats us to a detailed recipe for building up a development tree, from creating the initial directory structures through automated builds and unit tests. Available here (HTML) and here (PDF) And...
  • Bernhard Frank's WebLog

    Nachtrag zu Centralized Logging (IIS)

    Eigentlich hätte ich es schon längst erwähnen sollen. Nun ja die Zeit vergeht und ich bin ein bischen blog-faul. Gelobe mich aber zu bessern. Mit dem SP1 für Windows Server 2003 hat sich auch im Bereich IIS logging etwas geändert. Neben einem zentralen...
  • .NET Security Blog

    What's New in Security for v2.0

    There's a ton of new and enhanced security features coming with the v2.0 release of the CLR. However, finding a definitive list of them all can be a somewhat challenging task. Dominick Baier has an excellent slide deck detailing some of the changes and...
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