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  • John L. Miller's Blog: Networking and more

    Choosing Technology: Web Services vs. Binary Protocols

    Discussion of pace of change in computer science, and how the right technology choice is sometimes muddied by the desire to jump on the bandwagon. Illustrated with Web Services vs. binary protocols...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions at Atomic Live

    We had a small kick off for the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions at Atomic Live 2005 . Dan Fernandez came down to do a few sessions, together with Dave Glover Our awesome Student Ambassadors , Scott Savage & Geomayra Silva , gave us a hand on...
  • Code 4 Bill

    Oh My God!

    I'm sure several people had had this experience. You spend a lazy Saturday at home whiling away your time and sleeping. Sunday morning, you come to work, open your email and you go 'Oh My God!' at something you see in your email and you curse yourself...
  • Jose Luis Calvo Salanova

    Virtual Classrooms

    Pluralsight offers the possibility of attending some courses on remote . This option is available for one course about WCF (Indigo) in February. That could be a good option for the people living far away from the states, saving costs and time, but...
  • Code 4 Bill


    As I stated in the morning the number 37 is key to getting results which contain the same digits 37 * 3 = 111 Then variations of this like 74 * 3, 37 * 6....... bring the results 111, 222,etc. Then starts the next series 37037 and the other...
  • Code 4 Bill

    Question for the day

    A * BCDEF = GGGGGG This is another question that's about working on the digits of a number. It all starts with 37 * 3 = 111.After that you will see lot of numbers which produce the same digit in the resulting number and are in some way related to the...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    CLR is uninstalled. Now what?

    We have an interesting discussion a little while ago in internal discussion. The scenario goes like this: 1. Install .Net framework 2.0 2. Install Product A(which uses CLR), which installs a bunch of assemblies to GAC. 3. Install Application B ...
  • Cum Grano Salis

    Mailbox too big? MSN Desktop search to the rescue.

    In our internal exchange system, MS has various limits on email size, depending on what server you happen to reside on (true beta servers tend to not have any limit. More stable servers tend to have an upper limit in the vicinity of 500mb). If you are...
  • Kawigi's Programming Blog

    Binary Search, Part 2

    Hopefully you'll forgive me for posting this later than I said I would - I was on a plane going to Hong Kong when I finished writing it, and just now had an opportunity to post it for your viewing pleasure. Last week I explained what binary searching...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Attention and Identity, Podcast Part 2

    Here is Part 2 ( mp3, 27mins 26mb ) of the two-part Attention and Identity podcast recorded with Joshua Porter , Dick Hardt, CEO of Sxip and Kim Cameron, chief identity architect at Microsoft . Part 1 (background) ( mp3: 29 mins, 28mb ) Part...
  • Leading Trump - Pradeep U.N. & his Blog about Nothing.

    The Rebranding of Bob Keller....

    One of my new yet loyal readers - Bob "The Maniac" Keller has recently been raising some noise about his inability to brand himself successfully as Bob "More Cowbell" Keller and instead being called "the Maniac." So to make the rest of the readers...
  • Somasegar's blog

    MSDN benefits for partners

    I have received a number of questions from our partners regarding the new MSDN benefits provided by the Microsoft Partner Program. As we worked with the Microsoft Partner Program to revise the benefits for Visual Studio 2005, our goal was to provide...
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