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  • One Louder

    USC...National Champions...period

    A couple people have asked why I haven't posted anything about the NC game last night on my blog. I figure that the people who care already know and there's not much to say that hasn't already been said. So as not to completely bore those of you who don...
  • Jim Presto's WebLog

    Create Policy - Step 2

    First off, my apologies in taking so long to post the next step in creating the policy. Down below the framework for policy creation is listed; this template could be used whenever creating a new policy. Let start coding some more: Let us update the constructor...
  • Matt Powell

    Web Services in 2005

    Back from a two week vacation (okay, I was back yesterday, but I was really busy yesterday), I wanted to reflect a little on the coming year and where Web services will be going. To start off I want to say where we are with Web services. First of all...
  • Elyasse Elyacoubi's Weblog

    Writing a sample code file that compiles in all systems.

    If you write a file that is intended to compile in all systems (ue, sample code file), people who compile it in a code page different than the code page that is was saved under may encounter a compiler error: " C4819: The file contains a character that...
  • JeremyK's [MSFT] WebLog

    Still Unable to Edit User Properties in ADUC?

    This is an issue that I ended up spending 6 hours debugging, only because the answer could not be found in any documentation. I know as soon as I post this someone will go post a comment saying "duh, its documented right here <link>" The scenario...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Riddle Me This, Google, Part Three

    Happy New Year everyone! Let's start 2005 off with another episode of Riddle Me This, Google. Yes, once more, I've looked through the 43500 google queries that have resulted in page hits on my blog in the last six months. (Over 200 a day!) For most...
  • Don Syme's WebLog on F# and Related Topics

    Welcome to Don's F# Blog

    Note: F# is a research project from Microsoft Research, see the project website at and a clarification at . It is not a Microsoft product...
  • Peter Schenk's WebLog

    Introduction and the first post about Longhorn from the Technology Adoption Team

    Hi. My name is Peter Schenk. I'm a Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation. I'm a member of the Windows Technology Adoption Program (TAP) Team which is primarily focused on customers participating as "early adopters" of Windows Server and in some cases...
  • Stan's WWWeblog


    After watching the Trojans of Southern California (woooooooooooo!) outplay Oklahoma University in front of millions to win its 2nd consecutive national title and break numerous records, it occurred to me that I needed to get ready for the next day at...
  • Tom Krueger

    Windows FX SDK

    Interested in getting ahead of the curve and learning about WinFX. Check out the preliminary WinFX SDK.
  • Roberdan

    MIS Integration Kit for Sharepoint Portal Server

    Whatcompany isn’t looking to increase employee productivity or share information moreeasily? Leverage the functionality of MIS DecisionWare from your corporate Intranetwith MIS Integration Kit for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server! Combine MIS DecisionWare...
  • JasonJoh's [MSFT] WebLog

    PR_MAPPING_SIGNATURE and custom message stores

    I was pulled into a neat little issue with a custom message store that didn't behave correctly with appointments in Outlook. It seems that everything was created fine, and Outlook set all of the named properties correctly on appointments. The custom store...
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