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  • Florin Lazar - Consistency Checkpoint

    Fast transactions with System.Transactions and Microsoft SQL Server 2000

    The simplest way to use transactions today with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, using .Net Framework 2.0, is as follows: static void Main(string[] args) { using (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope()) { SqlConnection sqlConnection = new SqlConnection...
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    PDC demos available

    For those of you who are at the PDC, we finally got my demos posted to commnet (under PRS313): 5mb zip file, that DirectX sample was not small...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Another Record Your Demo

    Pretty cool look at Speech Server - In this video available here , Duane LaFlotte takes a look at how he used speech server to author an extension to his blog. <<View Developing Speech Enabled Applications>>
  • Toffer's WebLog

    making a service...

    Oooofda...long time no post. Lots of work done though. hehehe. My question of the do you make a service? I have an executable that's a remoting server...and currently I have a Console.ReadLine(); in the code to make sure the app doesn't exist...
  • Buck Hodges

    Using Source Code Control in Team Foundation

    Chris Menegay's article on MSDN, Using Source Code Control in Team Foundation , provides a good overview of some of the major features. As a part of Visual Studio 2005 Team System and the new Team Foundation Server, Microsoft is providing a true...
  • Zandoná Mobile®

    .NET Compact Framework V2 is ready!!!

    Mike Zintel , from the .NET Compact Framework team, just posted that the quality assurance team signed off on version 2.0! He also goes, in detail, over the project cycle of .NET CF (or a product development in general inside MS), its milestones, testing...
  • Rob Caron

    TFSQL2005AnswerFile.ini - Found

    For Beta 3, there was supposed to be an .ini file in the Team Foundation Server image for installing SQL Server 2005 silently from the command line. As fate would have it, that file never found its way into that image. I just finished posting it to the...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Record your demo

    During the recent Code Camp 4 we did a “Record Your Demo” session. I am in the process of editing will post the them. In this video available here , Patrick Hynds takes a look at the new server control features available within Visual Studio 2005...
  • jfo's coding

    Customer questions / whidbey sample code

    Here is a collection of samples I've written in the past few days to answer your questions from the MSDN forums, etc. I hope you find these helpful - keep the questions coming! How can I intercept the mouse down on a ToolStripGrip? How do I use Table...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    Lots of PASS posts on SQL Junkies right now

    Too many to list individually but check out; before they start scrolling
  • Stan's WWWeblog

    The Big Ones

    Another post for the day:
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    Correction from Don Keilys Blog

    Don does not allow comments and I can’t send a mail but hopefully he will pick up on this link; SQLCMD is written in C++ not .Net and it does indeed use SQLNCLI. It also has a very small footprint and we will be provding a redist for it sometime...
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