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  • Direct Reports

    Houdini (GotReportViewer?)

    If you are eager to get started with the Microsoft Report Viewer Controls in Visual Studio 2005, check out Rajeev's new site at . It's got lots of great info and samples.
  • Pedro Silva's Blog

    Upcoming DSL Tools CTP

    Now that Visual Studio 2005 has released, I'm sure lots of you are looking forward to using DSL Tools on the RTM version. Stuart pointed out that we'll be posting an update that runs on the RTM version of VS 2005 in the next 2 to 3 weeks. It will also...
  • SQL Protocols

    Connecting to SQL 2005 through SOAP Native Web Services using SQL user credentials from a different domain

    Just as normal connections to SQL server support SQL user credentials, when logging into SQL 2005 through Native Web Services SQL user credentials can be used as well. This is done by utilizing the SOAP Headers functionality of SOAP. Please see SQL...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    VMware's Player

    A great tool. I just installed a 64-bit Windows OS inside the player and it works. As you can see from the screenshot , the Ferrari 4000 runs Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and is the host. 2 instances of VMware Player run 2 VMs, one is 32-bit, the...
  • TabBlogger

    X41 install recipe

    I've been playing with Vista on my IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet and it's been a lot easier to setup than setting up Tablet hardware was on Vista Beta1, but still it's a hassle. There are no less than 10 "Unknown Device" entries in my Device Manager following...
  • Bill Morein's Weblog

    Save as Web and IE security

    The Visio "Save as Web Page" feature (updated in Visio 2003) is really great if you need to put your diagram on the web (File>Save as Web Page...). It goes way beyond just showing you a static image -- you can also pan and zoom, check out the custom...
  • In the Trenches

    What is Open Metadata?

    In Windows Vista, you'll be able to register property handlers on your own file types. This is in fact what my PDC Talk was all about. These property handlers are used to expose your file's contents to other parts of the system. They use a standard schema...
  • GerardoDada

    Anders as Austin Powers

    Awesome pic from Scott Wiltamuth's blog
  • HoppeRx - the cure for your ailing device

    HangRx finally Available on Jetstream!

    After some wrangling with legal, I can finally announce that HangRx (see post below) has been released to Jetstream and eagerly awaiting its new home on your devices. You can pull it from the HangRx directory under Powertoys. I would like to remind everyone...
  • GerardoDada

    Imagine Cup 2006 registration is live!

    Last year 17,000 students worldwide competed in the World's premiere student technology competition. The quest for the 2006 Imagine Cup begins today. This year's competitions include Software Design, IT, Short film, Algorithm, Visual Gaming and Interface...
  • Andrew Coates ::: MSFT

    71-528 Second Study Group Chat Session Transcript Posted

    Update – Fixed the transcript link We got "together" again last night for our second study group session . Once again, I've posted the transcript . This is also linked from our Skills Being Measured page.
  • Nagaraju Palla's WebLog

    TeamBuild Resources

    Rob Caron posted a nice collection of resources on TeamBuild. Some additional teambuild blogs are:
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