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  • David L's Blog

    Happy Easter and Things

    Just a few things before we all break for Easter: 1. Yesterday I went along to the Monash IT Society's Install Day 2005 . It was a great day, with lots of installs happening, both Windows and Linux, which was great. Big cheers to Tim, Shane, and the rest...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    Rollin, rollin, rollin, keep them people rollin....

    As anyone who's read this blog in the past 2 weeks knows... I'm moving! I'm finally packed and ready to roll. I'm driving from Mountain View to Seattle starting tomorrow morning at 6am and am planning on taking 3 days to make the ~900 mile trip. Just...
  • Jeremy Collins's WebLog

    Sweet sound of music - a PEZ MP3 player

    I have an iPod and a Creative Labs MP3 player, and have been reasonably happy with each. However, once this thing comes out, it will trump all my music players if for no other reason than the retro-cool factor. ("Cool" being a relative term, I am of course...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Steve Swallows the Red Pill

    I have been too head's down to read blogs lately, but I just noticed that Steve Maine swallowed the red pill .
  • .NET Security Blog

    Safe Impersonation With Whidbey

    Over the last couple of days we've talked about how to impersonate another user , and some security issues to keep in mind while impersonating . Now I'd like to take a look at some new features available in Whidbey which can make the whole process much...
  • Riding Herd

    Capacity planning for PDC

    There's an interesting discussion about PDC over at Yahoo Groups' Windows Technical: Off Topic forum . Kevin Hegg writes : The last three PDC's were overcrowded, with the last PDC being the worst. The solution seems pretty simple to me. Stop selling more...
  • Jeromy Carriere's WebLog


    Service orientation is to object orientation as Relativity is to quantum theory
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Imagine Cup UK Software Design Challenge Update

    Just a quick reminder that time is running out to register for this year’s Imagine Cup student competition and to claim your free copy of Visual Studio .NET 2003 Academic Edition via theSpoke Premium before April 1 2005. And for those of you that fancy...
  • FitzBlog

    Indexing and Searching ASPX Files

    Someone sent me a comment to one of last week’s postings lamented the trouble with indexing ASPX files , particularly because MS product support says that we don’t recommend searching them. This person’s company has a lot of content...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CEFileWiz Updated.

    It would appear that some developers PC’s have HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Platform Builder\5.0\Directories\OS Install Dir that doesn’t include a final backslash, this casues problems when launching the CEFileWiz application – I’ve...
  • Rob Caron

    Qualify to Win a Portable Media Center

    Visual Studio 2005 Team System Webcast Series Are you interested in building robust and reliable, mission-critical applications? From architecture through development and testing, the integrated tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System...
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Nu är det vår!

    Och således har våra vänner på Microsoft i Kista nu släppt ett splajans nytt Windows XP-tema med sorterade landskapsbilder. Idag kan du hitta länken till teamat direkt på , men du kan även gå direkt till hämtningssidan...
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