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  • Aali's blog

    COUNT(Finnish .NET bloggers)++;

    Got a mail from Olaf Conijn the other day, seems that he is a Finnish citizen (although living in Amsterdam from almost the beginning). I think that entitles him to get on my Finnish .NET bloggers list ;) He has also noticed LINQ, and I agree that...
  • Visual Studio For Devices

    Follow Up: Question about Mobile Web Developement which was asked at PDC

    At PDC, many developers came and asked me on how to build Web Based Controls for mobile applications and how it is different from the previous version. Since my team is focus on the Smart Client developement I did not have the roadmap for the Mobile web...
  • Ron Jacobs

    PDC2005 .NET invades the platform (finally!)

    5 years ago at the June 2000 PDC we told the world about .NET for the first time. It has been a long road with some strange detours but it is truly amazing to look back on this road. At the time I was a new program manager on the COM+ team. Our team spanned...
  • MicrosoftSoCalArchitectBlog

    Upgrading from ASP.Net 1.x to 2.0

    Microsoft recently published a paper on migrating from ASP.Net 1.x to ASP.Net 2.0 ( ). In addition, there is some great information...
  • Chris Smith's completely unique view

    Managed DirectX Bootstrapper package

    Today I release a Managed DirectX Bootstrapper package on GotDotNet. (You can also find a previously released Bootstrapper package for deploying the 1.1 Framework as well.) You can check it out here:
  • MicrosoftSoCalArchitectBlog

    Developer Event in San Diego

    The San Diego .NET User Group is hold their San Diego Fall 2005 Technical Summit on October 8, 2005 in Carlsbad. Take a look at the registration site for additional details on this event. Check out their site here: and the...
  • Eric Jarvi

    Acrylic August 2005 CTP download

    If you want to check out the latest design tools in the works... "Acrylic" (code name) is the professional design program that brings together the richness of pixel-based painting and the performance of editable vector graphics for a more fluid and...
  • Michaeljon Miller

    How to add an "auto number" to a CRM entity

    Warning: unsupported territory ahead Adding an “auto-number” field to MS-CRM is one of those features that has been requested several times. The problem is that there isn’t a solution that really meets everyone’s needs. I was asked during V3 to come...
  • Ravi Rao's Blog

    Terminology used in the peer to peer SDK

    I'll keep this post updated with new names/terms as we put them in our SDK. Most of our terms had to be prefixed with the word "Peer" because the goal of the SDK (according to the SDK team) is to keep the documentation as *clear* as possible. Not sure...
  • Matt Evans's Weblog

    iPod - Incompatable by Design.

    A coworker here was thinking about getting an iPod Nano. My best friend ordered one the day they were announced and I got to see it a bit this weekend. Side note - we were at a resturant and I was playing with it, and the waitress came over to talk to...
  • Ravi Rao's Blog

    What is this collaboration host icon that shows up on my tray...

    If you are developing to the peer to peer collaboration APIs you may see a tray icon appear when you first use the APIs. This is the collaboration host (the process name is p2phost.exe, and it is a user mode process). p2phost.exe is responsible for listening...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Are you a developer working with the Federal Government?

    Then you definitely want to check out the new group blog started by my DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) counterparts who cover the Federal space: They're off to a rollicking start with nearly 20 posts in...
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