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  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden


    I'm starting to learn more about the RFID initiatives that industry is facing. This has impacts on my customers that use MS Commerce Server and MS BizTalk Server. If any of you have links or resources that you feel I should include in my research, please...
  • Dariusz quatscht

    Daten, rettet Euch!

    Vor einiger Zeit habe ich einen Workshop zum Thema SQL Server 2005 und CLR gehalten. Irgendwann kam das Thema auf wie man Typen als XML serialisiert am besten ablegen kann, so das die unterschiedlichen Versionen von einem Objekt auch von älteren...
  • scellini's WebLog

    A Gripping Tale

    About 2 years ago my boss, Vic Gundotra, walked in my office and in a manner one might use to, say, borrow a spare power adapter told me that he'd volunteered me to be content owner for PDC'03. Given that the PDC has always been run out of his org, "assigned...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    The Commerce Server Godfather

    The Godfather of Microsoft Commerce Server has started his next non-commercial venture - a blog. Ryan Donovan , the Group Program Manager for Commerce Server , is now writing for the world. As 2005 rolls around and we all prepare for the upcoming launch...
  • Vibro.NET ----> moved to!!!

    Sviluppare su Media Center, guida per programmatori oberati 1: i Rudimenti

    Hi again. As announced, I'm going on with some introductory posts about Media Center development. I'm going to provide a condensed view of what can be found in the standard documentation of the product. As announced, the post will be in Italian: if you...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Do you prefer single-click or double-click behavior for system tray icons?

    Many Windows client applications can iconify themselves to the system tray instead of taking up an entry on your taskbar. I love this feature for apps that I keep around all day, because it means that I always know where to find them — they're in the...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Time to share my predictions for 2005

    Time to share my predictions for 2005 ... gets bigger (and adds an RSS feed) Podcasting buzzes to video content Bill Gates doesn't launch his blog (I hope I'm wrong) My wife starts her first blog (on , primarily for...
  • simon.says

    Off Topic: MSN Deskbar Clip

    Since installing the MSN Toolbar suite last week (see previous posts), I've setup quite a number of shortcuts. Amongst others, this includes one called blog which points to . This is great, but people often Email me and...
  • Johan Lindfors

    How do developers want to be educated?

    We are continuosly trying to improve our strategies when it comes to meeting developers, and helping them educate themselves as well as introducing them to new topics. I am however wondering, are we doing it right? In Sweden we are currently creating...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Ever wanted to port an app from Linux to Windows (.NET)?

    Over the past week Josh Blake of James Madison University has ported an application from Linux to Windows primarily using C# . I had to learn a lot about the Win32 API...and I'm talking some intense stuff, like Access Control Entries (ACE), Desktop API...
  • Maoni's WebLog

    Using GC Efficiently – Part 3

    In this article I’ll talk about pinning and weak references – stuff related to GC handles. (I was planning on talking about finalization in this part of the “Using GC Efficiently” series but since I already covered it in pretty much detail in one of my...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Office vs Windows

    Reuters just published a 'news' item,, more of an analysis than a news item...' Is Microsoft's Office Becoming More Like Windows? ' "...the company's broader strategy is to make Office must-have software by opening up its technologies and fostering a...
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