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  • MSDN UK Team blog

    Experimenting with Windows Azure Mobile Services

    The first preview of Windows Azure Mobile Services came out the other week. Over on YouTube , Scott Guthrie gives a great overview of what Mobile Services provides in the preview and on the new Mobile Services site you can get a whole bunch more detail...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    A Close-up Look at Windows Server 2012 for Embedded Systems

    Posted By Jeff Wettlaufer
    Technical Program Manager

    Hey everyone, if you have been following industry platform news over the past few weeks, you might have seen the news about Windows Server 2012 being released. This is a significant release for us here at Microsoft, and as many of you who read this blog know, there is also a version of Windows Server 2012 for embedded systems. My name is Jeff Wettlaufer, and I am excited to bring my blogging efforts over from the System Center group, joining the Windows Embedded Marketing team. I have recently returned to Microsoft from a year at RES Software, and in my new role with WEM as a Technical Program Manager I am primarily responsible for the technical product management of Windows Embedded Compact, but also Windows Server for Embedded Systems, SQL embedded, Windows Embedded Device Management and of course Windows Embedded demonstrations. You can expect to hear from me on these areas and more in the coming months as I get unpacked and settled into this amazing team.

    We thought it might be worth a post to let you know a little more about what the server platform means to the Windows Embedded business, and provide you some highlights of the (huge) list of new capabilities. So, here goes……..

    Many of us think of servers locked up in datacenters in the corporate world, or more recently in large deployments - servicing cloud offerings like, XBOX Live, Office 365, Dynamics and even Windows Azure. While all of these are true, and great examples of Windows Server 2012 deployments, from an embedded perspective, we have other applications. I want to provide you an overview of Windows Server 2012 for embedded systems using 3 simple buckets:

    • One Trusted Platform
    • Fits with your needs
    • Extends intelligence for increased business opportunity


    Comments Windows Embedded Standard

  • Striving for Laziness

    Publishing Symbol Data with a Manual Build

    I was recently working with a customer where an automated build process was not possible.  Thus, we couldn’t use the steps found in Publish Symbol Data .  After a few hours of research, here’s what we did: Install the Debugging Tools for Windows...
  • Scott Hanselman的中文博客


    [原文发表地址] Why does TypeScript have to be the answer to anything? [原文发表时间] 2012-10-03 0:38 免责声明 : 我不为 TypeScrip t 工作。我也不��及该团队的工作,这只是我自己的意见和猜想。 宣布了 TypeScript 之后,人们都说" TypeScript显然是微软对谷歌Dart 的答案"或" TypeScript是 微软对CoffeeScript 的答案"。 今天我与Jez Humble聊到了对TypeScript的浓厚兴趣他引用了...
  • Teaching the old dog new tricks...

    WP7 and Silverlight!

    Charlie Kindel blogged this evening   some further information about the strategy of the new Windows Phone 7 Series platform and one item really caught my interest.  He mentions that one of the components of the development platform will be...
  • MSDN Blog Schweiz

    Support-Schlussgong für Windows Vista (RTM), Windows XP SP2 und Windows 2000

    Wie bereits 2008 angekündigt, endet am 13. Juli 2010 der Microsoft-eigene Support für Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) sowie für sämtliche Versionen von Windows 2000. Nur noch bis zum 13. April können Kunden mit originalverbliebenen Windows Vista-Versionen...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Setting Up FBA and SQL Membership in SharePoint 2010 with PowerShell

    This post provides PowerShell script to easily configure SQL FBA in SharePoint 2010. A long time ago, I wrote a blog post that shows how to configure the SQL Server Provider for FBA in SharePoint 2010 .  I have been working on a project that requires...
  • .NET Gadgeteer

    .NET Gadgeteer featured in CSTA Voice publication

    “Building with .NET Gadgeteer in the United Kingdom” The CSTA Voice is a bi-monthly publication for members of the Computer Science Teachers Association in the USA. It provides analysis and commentary on issues relating to K12 computer...
  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Day three at ALT-C 2012

    So the third and last day of ALT-C 2012 came around pretty quickly, what with so much exciting stuff so far from the conference. Day three was no exception, filled with lots of inspiring sessions and conversations. The main theatre kicked off with Mark...
  • Microsoft in Health

    Nevada’s Success in Deploying a Private Medicare HIX

    By Jack Hersey, General Manager, U.S. Public Sector Health and Human Services, Microsoft With the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, states in the U.S. will now need to move forward with plans to implement health insurance...
  • Glen's old blog

    Managing Settings in Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store apps

    I received a few questions at an event recently as to how to handle application settings in a Windows 8 Store app and how it is different from doing so in a Windows Store app. Turns out there is a lot of similarity, in the code as well as the platform...
  • SharePoint & Cloud

    Some resources on Office 365

    Service Descriptions Deployment Guide and Deployment Readiness Tool Service Updates Wiki
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