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  • James Newkirk's Blog


    I will be in Orlando next week (June 6-10, 2005). I have been working on a number of things, blogging not being one of them, but I am sure given my lack of posts you already know this. I would like to discuss with you what features you would like to see...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    BizTalk Server 2006 Rolling Thunder #6: Monitoring, Applications & Deployment

    Welcome to the final rolling thunder post for BizTlak Server 2006, we haven't covered off all the features but hopefully you have had fun reading about many of the key improvements. Monitoring, Applications and Deployment and management in general is...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    BizTalk Server 2006: Rolling Thunder #5: Runtime Improvements

    This time around it is runtime improvements. My favourite feature in runtime improvements is suspended message handling. Yes you can actually subscribe to suspended messages and route them/do anything you want with them - very cool. In addition we now...
  • One Louder

    Is Seattle as coffee crazy as it seems?

    This was one of the questions I had when I moved here. I guess Seattle is known for coffee because Starbucks is based here and maybe also because the weather...nothing better in an overcast day than a nice cuppa joe. Now let me say one thing before I...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Mobilizer Madness

    Going to Tech Ed? Want to win a new Windows Mobile device? Enjoy the thrill of frantically running around looking for stuff? Then you'll definitely want to check out Mobilizer Madness . -Robert
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Today's chat starts at 4:30 pm pacific time. (June 2nd)

    Here's the place: http;// And here's the time in your part of the world. ...
  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog

    XAMLshare web service

    A reader who goes by the name of "DarkByte" asked me: Does XAMLShare have a webservice to query for submitted content? Great idea! I had not enabled it, but I have now: This is the default FlexWiki Web...
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    Enterprise Library June 2005 (the '1.1 release')

    Yesterday a customer pointed out to me that we haven't made a lot of information available about the upcoming June 2005 ("1.1") release of Enterprise Library (sorry, Gil!). While this wasn't at all deliberate, it is a fair observation - it's been mentioned...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Looking for a (64-bit) blogger near you

    Blogdigger can help you finding one blogging about your favorite topics.
  • Jonathan Caves Blog

    We've Hit ZBB

    Great I hear you say: but what's ZBB and what does it mean for the product? Well ZBB means Zero-Bug-Bounce that means that the compiler team have managed to drive the total number of active compiler bugs to zero. This doesn't mean that we are done...
  • Peter Bernard's MEM Thoughts

    Ironically, off the grid at the BREW conference

    I've been at the Qualcomm BREW conference for a couple of days. Unfortunately, there is no WiFi access at the show so I have been somewhat off the grid (although my Audiovox phone kept the emails coming and going throughout). I have to escape back up...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

    如果大家以前使用过Exchange 2000,那么会知道Exchange 2000中有一个Instance Messenger,就是一个类似于MSN Messenger的内部交流工具。后来,微软又推出了Live Communications Server 2003,把这块功能独立出来。现在,升级版本Microsoft Office Communicator 2005已经推出了。
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