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  • AllenD's WebLog

    Meet the team time change

    If you saw my earlier posts on meeting the team, I've just updated them. The time to meet the MSBuild and VS Extensibility teams is at 2:00 pm. If you're around, please stop by and say hello.
  • Test Guide

    Mrmmmf == Microsoft Expression “Sparkle Interactive Designer”

    Finally I can say! The super-secret app I've been working on all this time is the long-rumored Sparkle! Simply put, Sparkle Interactive Designer is the Windows Presentation Foundation designer everyone doing WPF work have been clamoring for. For the full...
  • Florin Lazar - Consistency Checkpoint

    Transactions Sessions at PDC 2005

    If you are at PDC this year, don't forget to attend the sessions related to transactions. An easy way to find these sessions is to go to and search by Keyword="transaction". I especially recommend...
  • AllenD's WebLog

    Visual Studio and Windows Workflow Designer rocks! - PDC Day 2

    At the morning keynote I saw a great integration with Visual Studio in the Windows Workflow Designer. I'm sitting in the PDC general session this morning and during Eric Rudder's keynote he invited the Windows Workflow Foundation team to demonstrate their...
  • Peter Bernard's MEM Thoughts

    PDC and i-mate JASJAR

    PDC is well underway and it looks like the $149 promotion for PDC attendees was a big success. We only had 1000 of them and they sold at a rate of about 8 per minute! Apologies to all of those who didn't get a chance to buy one at this great price. There...
  • Anandi’s Thoughts

    Trying to be useful

    I've had a bad sore throat and cough for the past 10 days. I tried to ignore it last week and go to work anyway (apologies to my coworkers if I infected any of you), since I had a ton of stuff to do regarding our TAP program. Apparently that was a poor...
  • Windows CE Core OS Test Lab Blog

    Microsoft Windows CE Testing Tools Embedded Developer Center

    Building strong, reliable embedded devices is critical in today's market. Testing a device or driver can involve assessing many different elements from security, to usability, to performance. This is why Microsoft is working to provide the following tools and resources that will work in conjunction with your testing efforts....
  • Jeff Lin's Blogs for the Eternal Mindlessness

    Highlights of Office 2003 Tips and Tricks

    Since I keep promising how I'm gonna post up all my tips and tricks in one centralized area, I figure this is the next best thing... Seems as though the corporate giving me a hard time trying to get some space so I can actually post up files. Anyhow...
  • Mark Schmidt's Abode

    My Windows Workflow Foundation contribution

    My blog has been silent for awhile due to me being moved from BizTalk Accelerators to the new workflow technology dubbed Windows Workflow Foundation. Since it was officially announced today, I can start back up and fill the backlog of info I need to get...
  • Jeremy Kuhne's Blog

    How suite it is: Expression!

    • 1 Comments It's a great relief to finally have this out in the open. There's a suite on the way, folks, and we're working hard every day to pack as much cool functionality in as we can for you. Take a look at the web site...
  • jamescon's WebLog

    Hello Workflow - Announcing Windows Workflow Foundation

    (Ooops... just realized this was not aggregated in the main site. Updated now) Today at the PDC 2005 Eric Rudder announced the technology that I’ve been focusing on for the last 6 months: Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) . Windows Workflow Foundation...
  • craigrow

    Google blog search: I don't get it.

    I'm sure I'm not the first one to tell you Google has launched a blog search tool . I really don't get it though. Blogs always showed up in Google searches. Google Search on "Windows Driver Kit." Google Blog Search on "Windows Driver Kit." ...
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