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  • Brad McCabe's WebLog

    Code, Code and More Code

    While digging through some of the older material here on the Visual Basic DevCenter I came across the link for 101 Visual Basic code samples . While this was made available for download a while ago I had never personally noticed it in past visits to the...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    The Imagine Cup Software Design Challenge comes to Ireland

    Calling all Third-Level Students based in the Republic of Ireland! Microsoft UK is sponsoring the Imagine Cup Software Design Challenge , and has offered us the opportunity to enter 3 Ireland-based projects into the UK pool. That makes this your chance...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Some more questions

    Nitin Jain asks: I am the participant of your windows embedded student challenge 2005 competition. Sir would you please tell me about the sites from where I got the text tutorials and documents of windows embedded? Stewart Tansley replies: All the product...
  • Nonnenberg's Notes

    Visual Studio Debugger Chat Tomorrow, February 24th from 1-2pm PST

    The Visual Studio Debugger "Do you have some burning questions or comments about SQL, C#, VB, C++, or script debugging support in Visual Studio? Want to know more about Visual Studio 2005's enhanced datatips, improved interop debugging, Managed Debugging...
  • Buck Hodges

    Overview of Branching, Merging, and Shelving

    I wrote a post for the Team Foundation blog providing an Overview of Branching, Merging, and Shelving .
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    The top 20 recruiting blogs ... but where am I?

    Via Jason and Michael and Johanna ... yes everyone is talking about it ... John Sumser of the Electronic Recruiting News lists the “best 20 or so new blogs” about “recruiting, job hunting, and HR.” <The list doesn’t really include “new” blogs as some...
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    Web Services Quiz: Issue 10

    YAWSQ (Yet Another Web Services Quiz) Let me describe the following scenario: Web Service T1 contains an operation that returns a string Web Service T2 calls Web Service T1 in the context of its own operation Both Web Services run under IIS using the...
  • One Louder

    Hot Job: Site Manager

    Hmmm, this is exactly the kind of job that some of you web/blog gurus could get excited about, right? When I joined Microsoft, was the first group I recruited for (and definitely one of my favorites). They have a site manager position open...
  • Federated Infrastructure

    ADC Role Confusion

    A customer of mine hosts mailboxes for several smaller departments, acting somewhat like an application service provider for email. They have an Active Directory domain, which they control, but have delegated control of user and computer objects back...
  • One Louder

    Bad recruiter networking

    I belong to a few staffing professional organizations. These groups share best practices and staffing philosophies from industry leaders. They also create a platform for recruiters to network. And frankly, I've noticed some bad networking. I'll talk about...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft .NET Framework API Map

    I don't think I've linked to this before. Along with , this is a great resource for learning how to do specific things in the .NET world.
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    New VBCommenter Release (1.2.5 RC1) by the Community

    Background: The VBCommenter is an addin for VS 2003 that gives you the ability to automatically generate XML comment headers in the VB .NET editor similar to what the C# editor automatically generates. It will also generate the XML comment file to go...
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