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  • Internet Explorer ブログ (日本語版)

    2014 年 1 月第 2 週目から順次、Windows 7 向けInternet Explorer 11 の自動アップグレードを開始します

    Windows 7 向け Internet Explorer 11 (以下 “IE11”) の提供が日本時間 2013 年 11 月 8 日に始まりました。全世界では、既に IE11 への自動アップグレードが始まっていますが、日本でも年明けの 1 月第 2 週目から順次、自動アップグレードを始める予定です。 IE11 を使うメリット IEBlog で紹介した通り、IE11 では実際の Web サイトが 30% 高速になる等のパフォーマンス改善のほか、 セキュリティやプライバシー...
  • Microsoft Startup Blog

    Windows 8 Apps That Should be On Your End of Year List

    The holidays are here, and that means one thing: you are not going to be doing much work. We hope. But it is a time of the year when you plan on how you are you going to tackle the new year. For some of you that means more fun. For others, that means...
  • MSDN 台灣部落格

    MSDN 研討會相關資訊下載 - 2012年




  • VSCS Support Team Blog - Test Blog

    Security Advisory 2916652 released, Certificate Trust List updated

    Microsoft is updating the Certificate Trust List (CTL) for all supported releases of Microsoft Windows to remove the trust of a mis-issued third-party digital certificate, which could be used to spoof content and perform phishing or man-in-the-middle...
  • LeoPonti Blog

    Store PowerShell Profile on SkyDrive

    Summary : Guest blogger, JD Platek, talks about storing the Windows PowerShell profile on SkyDrive. Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Today I would like to introduce a new guest blogger. Please welcome JD Platek. JD has been in IT since 2003, and he is an Exchange Server 2010 and Office 365 MCM. He has supported many industries, plus he has enjoyed having the opportunities to travel the world because of IT. Most of his career has been in the Exchange world, which lead him to learn and love Windows PowerShell. JD is a consultant for Microsoft in Singapore. He supports and regularly presents at the Singapore PowerShell User Group . Take it away, JD… There are seven steps for storing the Windows PowerShell profile on SkyDrive: Set up SkyDrive on ComputerA. Create a folder named PowerShell in SkyDrive and make it available offline. Create a new local profile, rename it, and copy it to SkyDrive. Create a local profile and edit it. Edit the SkyDrive profile. Set up SkyDrive on ComputerB. Create local profile and edit. Let’s look at the steps individually… 1. Set up SkyDrive on ComputerA You need to ensure that you log in to your computer with a Microsoft ID, or if your computer is domain joined, make sure that you have linked your Microsoft ID to your corporate account. If you’re not sure, press the Windows key + S, and type “Your Account Settings” in the Search charm. The computer we’re using is running Windows 8.1. There are a few differences between Windows 8.1 and Windows 8: SkyDrive is included by default, so there is no need to install a separate package. The white cloud icon in the Task bar is no longer there. If you view SkyDrive from Windows Explorer, you’ll notice the pretty green checkmarks are gone from the folders, which indicated that the folder successfully synced. There is a new column named Availability . In SkyDrive, you can now select all or some folders to save offline, and other folders can be online and not saved to your local disk. This is as easy as right-click, and then select Make available offline . 2. Create a folder and make it available offline The following screenshot shows that I created a folder called PowerShell in SkyDrive, and I made it available offline. 3. Create a local profile, rename it, and copy it If you already have a Windows PowerShell profile, you can simply copy that file...
  • LeoPonti Blog

    Analyzing a Stuxnet Infection with the Sysinternals Tools, Part 3

    In the first post of this series , I used Autoruns , Process Explorer and VMMap to statically analyze a Stuxnet infection on Windows XP. That phase of the investigation revealed that Stuxnet infected multiple processes, launched infected processes that...( read more )
  • Laurent Ellerbach

    Ultrasound sensor and .NET Microframework (NETMF)

    I recently bought a cheap ultrasound sensor because I want to build a robot. Yes, after the sprinkler management system and the automation of my Lego city , it’s time to play with a robot . This sensor can measure the distance from 2 cm to approximately...
  • Microsoft Green Blog

    Announcing Microsoft’s Q3 Environmental Sustainability Action Award


    clip_image002Each quarter, the company gives out an Environmental Sustainability Action Award, along with a donation to an environmental charity of the winner’s choice. The award recognizes an employee or team who has shown leadership and provides an inspiring example of how Microsoft and its employees can have a positive impact and change not only on the way we run our business, but also the way our products and services can make a difference for our customers, our partners and for society.

  • 高橋 忍のブログ

    Windows Store App Logo Maker v.1.5.2 微妙に更新

    #wpdev_jp #win8dev_jp 特に機能的には上がっていませんが、微妙にバージョンアップをしました。言語対応です。 いろいろな人が翻訳を手伝ってくれたおかげで、現在6言語に対応。日、英、仏、西、独、中。 Traditional Chinese German French Spanish English Japanese こんな感じ。
  • Secret Microsoft Communications

    Game Design, ALM, C++, XAML and DirectX: Getting started

    ALM?  What's that?  Alarm Latitudes Metric?  No.  Application Lifecycle Management.  Which is sort of like Fire Control on a Navy Ship, sounds like a way to control fires, but is to control the firing of the ships guns and missiles...
  • MSDN UK Team blog

    How ads monetise and promote your app

    Haven’t got the first clue about how to monetise your app? Thinking about ads but not sure where to start or what’s involved? Mark Allan from Ranyart Systems shares his experiences so far – his Manchester United app is not only the top...
  • Rumors about Azure, SQL Server & Data in the Cloud....

    Azure Network Latency & SQL Server Optimization

    During some of my recent partner engagements, I had the opportunity to test deeply the Azure network performances and latency impact on SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS VM), now in this blog I’m going to unveil some interesting findings...
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