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  • ひにけにGD

    アバターを使おう その2:基本アニメーション

    アバターの基本アニメーション AvatarAnimationを生成するときに指定する AvatarAnimationPreset 列挙型には31種類の基本アニメーションが宣言されています。内訳として、11種類の男女共通のアニメーションと、性別毎に違うアニメーションが10種類となっています。 男性アバター向けのアニメーションはMaleで始まり、女性アバター向けのアニメーションはFemaleで始まるようになっています。通常はAvatarDescription.BodyTypeによって性別ごとにアニメーションを切り替えて使用しますが...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Announcing Longer Support Timelines for Key Microsoft Dynamics Service Packs

    Please note that effective June 22, 2009, in response to customer feedback and as part of Microsoft’s continuous efforts to provide world-class support for its products, the company is updating the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy for service packs...
  • The Other James Brown

    Gov 2.0 in Local Government: Yammer or Twitter?

    Gov 2.0 can and will effect all levels of governments and associated agencies. Over on the Headstar e-government blog there is a case study of Web 2.0 in Local Government which sparked my interest for two reasons. Firstly and totally unrelated to the...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Team Blog

    Synchronizing and the Offline Client

    One of the great features provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the ability to take the application offline (i.e. work on a plane). This capability is made possible by our S+S (software+services) vision of leveraging the best of services (CRM Online...
  • Jakub@Work

    Object Templates

    In Service Manager, we have a variety of scenarios where we needed to capture partial object state and apply that state at a later time. The state captured is usually all or part of some IT process. For example, when creating a Change Request from the...
  • Wriju's BLOG

    “Good Bye” Thriller - Mike Jackson in Silverlight

    King of Pop is no more available as showman to us. We will miss his presence in every bit of our life. Microsoft Silverlight is broadcasting his farewell through Silverlight at “Good Bye...
  • Going Native to See Sharp!

    [PL] Kodu juz jest na Xboxie (400 MSP)

    Dla posiadaczy Xboxów zainteresowanych wyklikaniem prostych gier. Kodu Game Lab jest już dostepne na XboX Games Market Place w sekcji – Community Games (Independent Games). Prasa branżowa zdąrzyła się już na ten temat rozpisać, poniżej kilka ciekawych...
  • MACH Blog Microsoft Deutschland

    Bevor es nach Deutschland zurueck ging...

    ...verbrachten wir noch einen wunderschönen Tag in Orlando. Wir fuhren gleich am morgen mit dem Taxi zum Premium-Outlet, um die letzten Einkäufe zu tätigen. Heute waren auch endlich Jeans in meiner Größe vorrätig :-) Anschließend entschlossen wir uns...
  • Darien's Dialog..

    The Microsoft 'Quests'

    You may have heard either Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer talking about something we call the Microsoft Quests. Essentially, this is our long-term vision on how the magic of software will help our everyday lives in the future. The quests are really broken...
  • Rahul's Blog

    Microsoft Hopper Test Tool for Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5

    Hopper is a software test tool that simulates random user input on mobile devices providing a sometimes meaningful mean time to failure (MTTF) number. It is designed to find bugs and is not intended to run scenario tests or do "specific user things"...
  • Henrik W H

    ASP.NET MVC XSLT viewengine

    Der er en masse forskellige viewengines, som man kan vælge at bruge, i stedet for standard webformviewengine’en. I MVCContrib ligger der bl.a. NVelocity, Brail, NHaml, XSLT. Jeg syntes XSLT lød semifornuftigt, så den har jeg kigget lidt på, men har ikke...
  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Integrating Moodle with Microsoft Live services

    Who’d have thought it, not only would I be looking for the Moodle logo for the blog, but other strange things have been happening this week: We’ve released two projects under the open source GPL v2 licence for the first time ever Following on from the...
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