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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Le site Web de Windows Embedded est maintenant disponible en Francais

    Bonne nouvelle pour tout les Frenchies du monde de l'embarqué: Le site de Windows Embedded est maintenant disponible en Francais ici: Amusez vous bien ! - Mike
  • Dieter's ProjBlog


    Project 12 expands the range of, reports supported on Project Server ... and greatly simplifies the process of building reports on Project Server. Let's start with Project Server 12's database architecture. Project Server 12 has four databases: Working...
  • One Louder

    I'm so humbled by this honor

    Why do people say they are "humbled" when they receive some kind of honor? Is it because they don't want people to know that their inner dialog is all "check me out!"? Or is it because they doubt their ability to live up to the honor? And if the honor...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows CE 5.0 Documentation Update

    Hey, the Windows CE 5.0 documentation has been updated twice since the release of Windows CE 5.0 , you may not have seen any update notifications though [:(] The most recent update to the documentation was made on August, 2004 , and can be obtained...
  • John's Blog

    Windows CE Documentation

    My team here at Microsoft also publishes Windows CE documentation - which is distinct from the SDK documentation. It's got a lot of in-depth material, and you might find it interesting reading. Unfortunately, we forgot to tell anyone that we published...
  • In the Trenches

    Fun Keyboard Shortcuts

    I like keyboard shortcuts that put focus in commonly-used edit boxes: Ctrl+E will put focus in the "search" box in Explorer for Windows Vista Beta 1. Alt+D will put focus in the address bar in IE. F11 will put focus in the "find a contact" box in Outlook...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    PDF Support in MS Office

    Well, it's about time! It's good to see ourselves recognize that the PDF file format is in use by our customers and they want support for PDF in the product. I don't know if it was a licensing issue with Adobe or what held things up, but I'm glad to see...
  • jfo's coding

    Five bullet points you might not see on the back of the box

    Coming in to work today, I was thinking of small improvements that make everyone's life just a little bit better working with the designer experience in VS. I thought I'd come up with the list of five bullet points that may not quite make it to the back...
  • Ken Levy's Blog

    October letter on Visual FoxPro web site

    The October 2005 letter contains information about new content online about Visual FoxPro 9.0, news about the SP1 for Visual FoxPro 9.0 beta download, more in-depth information about Microsoft's roadmap for Visual FoxPro, plus recent content and community...
  • Stuart Padley's Web Log

    A strange problem with 'ADD SIGNATURE' and the new SQLCMD command line utility

    This one is a little odd: But, when using the new ' ADD SIGNATURE ' DDL in SQL Server 2005, if you are using SQLOLEDB through the SQLNCLI (SQL Native Client) protocol stack, i.e. the stack the new command line utility SQLCMD uses, you will get the following...
  • Rob Caron

    MSDN Webcast: The MSDN Subscription Evolution

    With Visual Studio 2005 Launch rapidly approaching, and the changes that will bring to MSDN Subscriptions, you should take the time to see how this will impact you. If you have an MSDN Subscription today, you need to view this webcast. If you don’t have...
  • Yves Dolce

    C++/CLI casts operator illustration

    After reading the excellent Cast Notation and Introduction of safe_cast<> , I thought I would try the following: int main() { String ^ s = "string/chaîne/cadena" ; Object ^ o = s ; String ^ s1 = safe_cast <String ^>(o) ;...
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