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  • My little plot of digital pasture.

    Signing Up for the Windows Azure Introductory Offer

    If you have been following the latest Azure platform developments that were announced at PDC10 you may be keen to try Azure for yourself. Well the good news is that there is an introductory offer that allows you to have a tinker with Azure and get a feel...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CE 6.0 MSDN Online Chat - May 30th 2007, 9am Pacific.

    Do you have tough technical questions regarding Windows Embedded CE 6.0 for which you're seeking answers? Do you want to tap into the deep knowledge of the talented Microsoft Embedded Devices Group members? If so, please join us for a live chat and bring...
  • Johan Lindfors

    De nominerade i XNA-kategorin

    Nytt för årets upplaga av Swedish Game Awards är ett pris för bästa XNA spel och jag är grymt imponerad av vad lagen har lyckats att skapa på mycket kort tid, baserat på att tekniken inte ens fanns innan November. De nominerade i kategorin Bästa XNA-spel...
  • Steve Clayton

    Who is the Silver Surfer?

    Oh man, this is going to be confusing when the new Fantastic Four film launches in the UK. Most people on the island think silver surfers are the older generation of Internet users as the media has massively over used the term. I can see the scene now...
  • Kathy Kam

    "Acropolis" at TechEd Orlando 2007

    I just want to let everyone know all the Code Name "Acropolis" related content at Tech Ed. If you are in Orlando attending TechEd, please come and attend our session or meet the team at the TLC (Blue Area). We have a booth with all our latest demos...
  • Test Guide

    I Am Not Finding Bugs

    Now that I've been in my new job a few weeks you might be wondering how many bugs I've found. I've found exactly one, and that was only because a unit test hung on my machine. (On a line of code which had a comment that maybe the operation needed a timeout...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    MEDC 2007: Keynote excitement! (and vote for your favorite demo person!)

    Here's some shots of the MEDC 2007 keynote, we get to see Derek Snyder talking about Windows Mobile, Visual Studio Codename "Orcas", Mike (that's me) talking about Sumo Robots running CE 6.0 and being programmed using Microsoft Robotics Studio, and Robbie...
  • MidMarket Events

    Exchange 2007 Clustered Continuous Replication Licensing

    An attendee yesterday asked if it is a requirement to license both nodes in an Exchange cluster if you are in an active/passive configuration. I wanted to get a definite answer because I have heard different things. The answer is yes you will have to...
  • MSDN Magazine

    An Inside Look at Magazine Printing

    Ever wonder what it takes to print the magazines you read every day? Valerie Myers, the art and production director for MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine , recently visited our printer in Wisconsin and wrote a cool blog post detailing the experience...
  • olivier pieri's WebLog

    Run SSIS Package programatically

    here is a small sample that show how to run an existing package from a .Net program. This sample show how to replace target and source connection string and give a value to a package variable. It show too how to register package event. using...
  • The Code House

    Getting started with blend

    Since i joined the MS. Blend team not too long ago, i thought it would be a great idea to share my experience of getting to know the product's features most effectively. First let's start by identifying the basic features of the applications: the...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    How to Install That Huge Visual Studio “Orcas” File

    Roger Jennings went through the pain so that you don't have to. Go to his blog to read how to install that huge 5.32 GB ISO image for "Orcas" (hint: you most likely won't be able to burn it to a physical DVD).
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