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  • Mark Fussell's WebLog

    Anders Hejlsberg on XML and Programming Languages

    One good reason to sign up for PDC 2005 is to hear Anders elaborate more on this work
  • Antimail

    An interview with Daniela Florescu

    Unless you live under a rock, you already know XQuery as one of the newest and coolest standards in the XML world. Hey - it's in SQL Server 2005 too - in fact, Dennis just started blogging about it! Being one of the original XQuery designers, and one...
  • Antimail

    Welcome Max

    Max Feingold just started a blog! In the past, I knew him as one of the good COM experts around. Incidentally, one of my previous posts describes an intricate COM+ setup issue on which Max helped me to see the light... :-)
  • IEBlog

    A Follow up to Low-Rights IE

    Hi, I’m John Bedworth, the Development Manager for Internet Explorer Security.  I wanted to address some of the excellent questions that came up in the feedback to Rob Franco’s " Clarifying Low-Rights IE " post. How is "low-rights"...
  • Gilles' WebLog

    BizTalk Server 2006: What is new with Business Activity Monitoring?

    You probably already read Scott's document on what is new in Business Activity Monitoring 2006 .Today, I'll shed some light on the brand new "out of the box" portal. All information are based on the CTP build you might have picked up at TechEd 2005. Keep...
  • Mark Fussell's WebLog

    .NET 2.0 XML Perf Comparison with Sun

    XML processing in .NET 2.0 rocks....
  • IUpdateable from Eric Nelson (

    Nice article on SQL Server 2005 Report Builder

    I would recommend folks take a look at I have played a reasonable amount with the April CTP release of Report Builder and can certainly see the promise - but it does also have some frustrating areas...
  • Esperpento

    Hello, World

    Hello, world. Be kind. Be fair. I should introduce myself, just to get that part out of the way. My name is Max Feingold I am a development lead on Microsoft’s Transactions team, which is a core component of the Indigo team. I work mostly on transaction...
  • Rob Caron

    A Few New and Re-Kindled Team System Blogs

    We have some new Team System blogs to watch, and some that are coming back to life. Be sure to add these to your blogroll: New Jeff Beehler (Team System Box PM) – Team System Quality Tools Team – http://blogs.msdn...
  • Jeff Beehler's Blog

    refreshing dogfood

    One of the big things we’re working on in Team System land right now is getting ready to update to the latest version of Team System for our internal use…we’re currently doing business on top of VSTS Beta2. As others (such as RickLa and JohnLawr ) have...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    ClickOnce Team starts blogging

    Saurabh from ClickOnce test team quietly started his blogging today. Saurabh has been in the ClickOnce team since its incarnation. He and his buddies in ClickOnce test team have been answering questions...
  • Stephen Toub

    July 2005 MSDN Magazine now online

    The July 2005 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available online at . The July installment of my favorite column, .NET Matters , is available at
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