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  • marklon

    Ok, so I lied

    Sorry that it has been a while since my last Blog. I moved desks and got pulled in to a new project that meant some very late nights indeed. Now, what did I lie about? I lied about heap fragmentation. It was more of a lie by omission. With ordinary...
  • Hilmars hjørne

    Anders Hejlsberg, LINQ og C# 3.0...

    Og så kom han endelig på scenen! Sammen med Don Box gik Anders Hejlsberg på scenen og fortalte om hvad jeg personligt mener er den største nyhed i programmeringssprog siden objektorientering. The LINQ project er det blevet navngivet - integrationen af...
  • Live Search

    Virtual Earth News for Developers at PDC

    The VE team made two exciting announcements for developers at this weeks PDC – one practical, the other just pure fun. Let’s get practical out of the way first. When VE was first released in July, it was accompanied by a Javascript library that developers...
  • Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

    PDC05 - Amazing C++ futures talk

    Just went to Herb Sutter's talk on C++ futures. Really rocking stuff! Check out the slides for TLN309. (Sorry, no link yet. I hope to update it when I get it.) The first few minutes were on general improvements to the language including future ISO...
  • Visual Communication and Design, Now with Audio!

    Structured Content and Content Reuse

    I just finished a two-day training class on managing structured content. The main ideas in the class were around how to analyze your content and create a content model, then identify where text can be reused. Single-sourcing (creating content once and...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    How to uninstall Visual Studio 2005 Betas and CTPs

    check out
  • PeteL's Blog

    "Contact Me" User Control

    Lately I've been doing some ad-hoc on VWD, creating a few web sites, and there seem to be two pretty common things I put on those web sites, a "Contact Me" page, and a links page. And seeing that there have been lots of changes to the email API's between...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Virtual Server Added to MSDN Subscriptions

    On 9/13/05 Virtual Server Standard Edition will be added to MSDN Universal and MSDN Enterprise Subscriptions. Virtual Server 2005 Standard will be added to MSDN Universal & MSDN Enterprise Subscriptions Virtual Server 2005 Standard will be...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Free VS2005 Training via Virtual Lab

    Step into the Visual Studio 2005 Virtual Lab for Free Visual Studio 2005 Modules · Visual Studio 2005 Click Once Deployment · Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 (C#) New! · Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 (Visual Basic...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    PDC Session Material

    Via Sam Gentile If you couldn’t attend the PDC you can check out the session material here .
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    New Windows Mobile 5.0 Device

    In case you haven’t seen it. Sprint announced the first Windows Mobile 5.0 device available in the US . . PPC-6700 (aka HTC Apache) Windows Mobile 5.0 for PocketPC...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Using Add-Ins with a ClickOnce Deployed Application

    One of the attendees at the PDC had an interesting question combining ClickOnce and Add-Ins. Basically, his application was being deployed with ClickOnce, and was running without elevating it's privileges beyond the Internet zone [fan-tastic :-)]. The...
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