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  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    A Disappearing Act

    Yesterday, I discussed the way the Ribbon scales to different window sizes. I've also mentioned that you can collapse the Ribbon by double-clicking the selected tab or by pressing Ctrl+F1. One piece of the design I haven't yet written about but...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Mini-AOL: 'now just do it'

    Mini-AOL : "Since AOL bought Weblogs Inc. they now have made a large enough "wave" to get noticed. This ontop of the Dating Game that everyone seems to be playing with AOL seems to be getting AOL quite a bit of attention lately. However now AOL...
  • Night Cloud Labs

    What's going on with RDL?

    I was thinking right now how was going on the different development around tools that generate RDL. Perhaps in the next Trivial Pursuit will appear Who designed Report Definition Language? and you should know it [:)] It is nice to see several projects...
  • Inside Architecture

    SOA: The data aggregation layer

    When developing a Service Oriented Business Application (SOBA), you want to seperate your user interface from your services. Services present chunks of data in a manner that is tied to the underlying business rules, but in order to keep your objects fairly...
  • Srini

    About two cool device debugging features in VS 2005

    In this blog, I shall touch upon two important and cool features in VS 2005 device debugging. Feature1: Attaching to NET CF V2 process VS 2005 allows for attaching to a NET CF V2 process running on the device/emulator. This is disabled by default...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    Los Phoenix Suns perfilan y hacen marketing en la web

    La empresa que gestiona los Phoenix Suns , equipo de baloncesto de la NBA americana, además de varios equipos profesionales, torneos y estadios, necesitaba una herramienta que les permitiera poner en la web las herramientas para que sus usuarios pudieran...
  • Matusow's Blog

    New Shared Source Releases

    9 new Shared Source releases....
  • Field Notes Of An Enterprise Software Consultant

    5 quick questions on Custom Attributes

    1) What are custom attributes? Attributes are instances of a Type. Attributes are just like any other class object except that they allow some special syntax. 2) Are attributes an alternate way of specifying a base class for a class? Inside an...
  • One Billion Users: Emerging Trends in Emerging Markets

    World Usability Day, November 3, 2005

    From the website : This Earth-Day-style event, focused on easy-to-use technology, currently involves plans in more than 70 cities in 30 countries. World Usability Day promotes the value of usability engineering, user-centered design, and every user...
  • Darwin's Idle Times...

    Kerberos Delegation to SQL Server

    One of the most difficult issues to troubleshoot sometimes is a Kerberos Delegation issue to SQL Server. A customer had a web application that is configured to access a remote back end SQL server under the security context of the end user. When users...
  • David Gristwood's Blog

    It’s Launch Time!

    The Visual Studio / SQL Server / BizTalk Server launch is happening in a city near you! And by the looks of it, quite a few of you are going, as the technical tracks at a couple of the venues are already sold out! Impressive! I’m doing some of the integration...
  • Moustafa Khalil's Space

    Burglers, why are you rude?

    I woke up on Sunday 10/6 to find the steering wheel column of my car completely busted. Someone tried to steal my vehicle and for some reason they left it when they were almost there. When I called the towing company to tow my car to the shop for repairs...
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