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  • Miguel Campos Blog

    Integrating SOA, Service Factories and Modeling

    Hatay has proposed a conceptual view of how to integrate these: Interesting ...
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    USB 2.0 Coolness.

    I’m a mobile guy and USB devices are an integral part of my day. I found this little beauty at Circuit City. It has a total of 7 ports. 4 on the front and 3 on top. The ones on top are great for dropping USB keys onto. It also has an external...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Beta version a new MCML web application is now available for download - MCStart

    I noticed a post on the Big Screen Blog over the past weekend about a beta version of a new Windows Vista Media Center application that is now available for download. The application is an updated version of MCStart, a program that can be used to browse...
  • 川西 裕幸のブログ

    GDC 2007

    今週はSan Franciscoで開催されている Game Developers Conference (GDC)に参加しています。GDCでは最新のゲーム開発に関する技術やビジネスなどの情報が1週間にわたって議論されます。私はDirect3D 10.0を含む最新のリアルタイム グラフィックスや、プログラミングに関する情報を得ようと思って参加しています。新しい書籍やCGツールのチェックも重要です。 GDCのグラフィックス関連のセッションでは、 SIGGRAPH より実践的でリアルタイム系の課題が議論されます...
  • good news and no news: cezar guimarães

    Como eu faço com SQL Server Express?

    Continuando a série: Como eu faço isto?, o site ASP.NE T lançou uma nova série de vídeos para ensinar como utilizar o SQL Server 2005 Express Edition . Para quem não conhece, o SQL Server 2005 Express é uma versão gratuíta do SQL Server. Ele é o mesmo...
  • Aaron Marten

    Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista

    In case you're using the latest and greatest release of Windows , you should consider downloading the update that fixes some Vista-specific issues on Visual Studio 2005 SP1 which was released today. Note that if you had the beta version of this patch...
  • Thomas Dreller's Blog

    Veranstaltung: Deutsche Microsoft Partnerkonferenz

    Am 27. und 28. September findet in Mannheim Microsoft's Deutsche Partnerkonferenz statt. Hätten Sie Lust auf ein Viertelstündchen Plauderei am 27.? Und am Vortag, ebenfalls in ->Mannheim , die Produkteinführung von Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 . Sind...

    CLR Profiler Team Blog

    Check out the CLR Profiler team's blog . It is a collection for all the great articles profiler team is writing. Some of my favorites are - VSTS FAQ is great introduction on using profiler. Using VSTS Performance Tools to Speed Up Your App (Part 1) is...
  • Steve Caravajal's Ramblings

    Office 2007 User Interface: Developer Overview

    For those interested in the UI changes in 2007 specifically with the impact on custom solutions and add-ins you need to check this out: Developer Overview of the User Interface for the 2007 Microsoft Office System </steve>
  • BCL Team Blog

    MSDN Wiki [Matt Connelly]

    MSDN Wiki is a new site that experiments with adding community content to our product documentation. We’ve built a wiki around the VS 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 documentation that allows anyone to add and edit code examples, tips and tricks, and other...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    Top rated Teched speaker Pod Cast: Don Vilen

    SQL Down Under show 18 with guest Microsoft SQL Server engine team product manager Don Vilen (recorded at TechEd Australia) is now available for download from .
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    PHP | Works - See you there !!!

    Wanna come hang out in Toronto? I’ll be at PHP | Works with the guys from PHP Architect Magazine next Months. I’ll be presenting on building and running PHP applicaitons on the Windows platform. After joining the UI, Tools, and Platform...
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