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  • Innovation needs Passion

    How .NET Data Bound Controls works

    In ASP.Net you can pass any control a “DataSource” it use the same to populate itself. How this works and how to create your own data bound control Check below article written by Mike
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Norge

    Min Top 10 lista på genvägar i Outlook

    Eftersom det verkar som att min Top 10 list för genvägar i Microsoft CRM var populär tänkte jag att jag skulle göra detsamma för Outlook, Microsoft CRM är ju trots att helt integrerat i Outlook :)...
  • Durgaprasad Gorti's WebLog

    Please post your questions to

    If you have questions on the System.Net [managed network programming api's] please post your questions to I monitor this forum and so does all of my team. This is your best bet to get your...
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server

    BizTalk 04的SP2 RTW日期推迟到10月15日左右

    原定5日发布的SP2 for BizTalk Server 2004, 向后推迟10天左右,SP2主要针对以下方面进行了补充和改进: Performance issues with different orchestration scenarios EDI transmit fails with certain structures of outgoing messages Disassembling large flat file messages in...
  • Aaron Marten

    Agile 2005 Conference

    I'm fortunate enough to be attending the Agile 2005 Conference next week in Denver. Hope to see you there! Yikes...It's been a while since I've posted. After I get back, I'll make the Interface of the Week posts a little more regular. In the meantime...
  • Kam VedBrat

    MTP Support comes to Rio Carbon!

    Yay! Rio Audio has support for MTP now for the Rio Carbon ! I gotta try this!
  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Nouveau programme des séminaires Technet

    Interopérabilité des données au travers d'XML dans Office 2003, des services Web, de BizTalk mardi 15 sept --> Conception d’une architecture Active Directory pour Windows Server 2003 mardi 06 dec mardi 13 sept vendredi...
  • Monad

    Adding Notes

    A while back I mentioned that there was a way of adding notes to objects in the shell. Here is one way to do it: ## Adds a note to the pipeline input. filter AddNote([string] $name, $value) { $mshObj = [System.Management.Automation.MshObject...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Hong is famous :-)

    I thought this was cool and wanted to blog it - I was reading an eWeek article this morning about VS 2005 and Hong Gao got mentioned by name. I've been working with her on the side a little bit to get the VS 2005 cleanup tool updated to work with beta...
  • Ali Pasha's WebLog...

    New Web services category...

    Our group's speciality/expertize is to build Enterprise tools. However, we do this with collaboration with several other groups whose expertize may be in a particular domain. I hope to use this category to publish what I have learnt from the Indigo...
  • Japan Dynamics CRM Team Blog

    Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 3 がリリースされました!

    みなさん、こんにちは。 2011年7月29日(US時間) に Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 3 がリリースされました。 次のリンクから Update Rollup 3 に関する情報を確認することができます。 マイクロソフト ダウンロード センター:
  • Невероятные приключения в коде

    О необычном свойстве строки

    Сегодня исполняется пятнадцатая годовщина мой работы здесь, в компании Microsoft. Сложно поверить, что я уже полтора десятилетия занимаюсь разработкой инструментов для разработчиков. Я невероятно счастлив работать в такой замечательной команде, над такими...
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