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  • MSDN Up North

    Vil du lære deg å utvikle på Microsoft .NET?

    Det er stor etterspørsel etter .NET utviklere i næringslivet og vi gir deg det du trenger for å komme igang! Visual Studio 2010 Express og SQL Server 2008 R2 Express er gratis utviklerverktøy, som gjør at du raskt kan...
  • Matt Bielman

    Windows Summit 2010

    Go check out all the awesome content available for System Builders, ISVs, and IHVs at the Windows Summit 2010 , including an introduction to how you can use the Windows Troubleshooting Platform to save support costs , presented by me! -mb
  • Ferglo

    Update de Julio para Visual Studio 2012!

    Nuestro buen amigo Jersson Dongo nos comparte su artículo:   Update de Julio para Visual Studio 2012 ! Les cuento que al iniciar mi Visual Studio 2012 me está saliendo el siguiente mensaje! Esto no me sorprende mucho pues estamos en la etapa de hacer...
  • MSDN UK Team blog

    Performance and the mobile web

    By Dave Sussman Web Site Performance is more complex than you think. I've been banging on about CSS for years, and how it can improve performance, but the modern world is more complex; not only do we have multiple desktop browsers, but also multiple...
  • Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

    [Sample of July 16] Control URL file access in ASP.NET

      Sample Download : The project illustrates how to control the permission for project files and folders on server, and protect them from being downloaded. Here we give a solution...
  • Der deutsche Education Blog

    Cloud: Die nächste IT-Generation in Schulen

    Norbert Hähnel, Bereichsleiter Forschung und Lehre bei Microsoft Deutschland über den Einfluss neuer Medien in Schulen: Niemand wird ernsthaft bestreiten, das Informationstechnologie (IT) eine große Rolle im gesellschaftlichen u8nd beruflichen...
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Lesson plan: Create a timeline of famous scientific experiments

    In this lesson, students work alone or in groups to research the history of science and the experimental method in science by investigating the most significant scientific experiments conducted from ancient times to the present. Objectives Students will...
  • J.D. Meier's Blog

    Stephen Covey Tribute

    Stephen Covey has past away, but his legend lives on: Stephen Covey Leaves a Legacy Covey will be missed, but not forgotten.   I see him all around me every day in the halls of Microsoft … Many of my mentors, mentees, and colleagues are avid...
  • i:0#.w|Ali.Mazaheri

    SharePoint 2013 (Customer Preview) is finally here!

    As you all know we publicly announced the availability of public beta (Customer Preview) release of next version of Office yesterday including SharePoint 2013, like previous release of SharePoint I've had the pleasure to work with Product Team and elite...
  • Windows 8 빌드

    Metro 스타일 앱 출시를 위한 준비

    많은 분들이 RTM에 대한 소식을 기다리고 계시는 걸 잘 알고 있습니다. 특히 Windows 스토어용 앱 개발자들은 더 손꼽아 RTM에 대한 소식을 기다리시는 것 같습니다. Windows 스토어는 이미 수많은 다양한 앱을 제공하고 있으며 앞으로도 더 많은 앱이 추가될 예정입니다. 또한 우리는 첫 Developer Preview 단계부터 전 세계의 다양한 개발자들과 긴밀하게 협력해 왔습니다. WinRT 플랫폼의 경우 개발 단계부터 개발자의 피드백을...
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Imagine Cup worldwide finals 2012

    This weekend, students from 75 countries have been competing at the Imagine Cup worldwide finals – each team aiming to win in the finals tomorrow. It's a massive event – hundreds of students showcasing their technology innovations and ideas for making...
  • Der deutsche Education Blog

    Neue Partnerlösungen für die Learning Suite

    Die Learning Suite verfügt ab sofort über noch mehr praktische Programme. Zusätzlich zu den bekannten plattformübergreifenden Online-Werkzeugen für Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit gibt es nun für alle Lehrerinnen und Lehrer...
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