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  • Dynamics AX Czech Support Team

    Rename object in TFS

    You can get this error message while renaming object that is checked out from TFS. Unable to import Trying to import Table MFATable_test1 with ID 50003 ID already held by Table MFATable1 To rename the object you need to follow these steps: Right click...
  • Sweden .Net Awards blogg

    Global Orderprocess för Fagerhultsgruppen från Sogeti

    Sogeti skapar Global Orderprocess för Fagerhultsgruppen i 12 länder med hjälp av Microsoft Dynamics AX & BizTalk Server Med en långsiktig plan framåt och genom att konsekvent använda flera standardkomponenter från Microsofts plattform spar Fagerhult...
  • Routing Rules!

    We're on the air!

    Well hello! This is the first post of the Routing Rules! blog, brought to you by myself, Matt Snider. As a quick introduction, I'm a PM who'se been working on the .NET 4 Routing Service (System.ServiceModel.Routing) that will be delivered as a part...
  • Team Individualism

    Office 2007 or LiveWriter - Killer Blog apps

    I was just about to write a post via the MSDN web site, when I remembered the office 2007 ribbon for blog posting. You can get there by pressing the big office button on the top right and then selecting publishing. This means for you, that I can write...
  • Christophe Lauer, My Microsoft Life

    Recherche Invitation pour ParisWeb2006 - STOP ...

    Je recherche une invitation pour Paris Web 2006 . Les inscriptions sont closes. Ca m'apprendra à m'y prendre à la dernière minute ;)
  • Team Individualism

    RFID Setup

    There are a few steps to setting up RFID: You will need this MMC console if you are not running Vista: Microsoft Management Console 3.0 Pre-Release (RC1 Refresh) You will need to have Biztalk installed, configured and the the BizTalk host service and...
  • jamescon's WebLog

    Live Service Trace Viewer - Now available

    Craig McMurtry released the code for his Live Service Trace Viewer on his blog today. Live Service Trace Viewer is a tool that alows you to view trace information between WCF nodes. The trace information is provided in a visual/WPF view. You can read...
  • Steve Clayton

    Media Player 11 - beta 2 out now

    Includes a new media sharing feature (though I thought you could do this already) as my brother does to his Roku... Anyway, grab it here unless you're running Vista and waiting on RC1 :) Link to Microsoft releases latest version of WMP 11 | CNET News...
  • Musings on SQL Server Manageability

    Almost done with security whitepaper

    Been heads down in crunch mode triaging and fixing bugs, getting us ready for CTP6. But, I'm finally almost done with the paper. Hopefully editing/formatting won't take too long and it'll be on the web soon. FYI in my earlier post I forgot a permission...
  • Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager - Eric Ligman

    Steps to activate Software Assurance benefits for your clients

    During my licensing session Sunday at SMB Nation, one of the items we discussed was activating the Software Assurance benefits (such as Home Use rights , Microsoft eLearning , Employee Purchase Program , etc.) for your clients so that they can get the...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Time for a change

    There are at least 2 times in the life of an evangelist when things really change: When the products or technologies you evangelize RTM. When your focus changes. Well, I am lucky. In my life, both happen at about the same time: x64 support is almost released...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    It's Been Slow

    Sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been super busy and it appears that many of the other academic folks have been as well. I watch a lot of blogs right now (I haven't hit the Scoble mark yet) and many of the academic blogs have been very dry lately...
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