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  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    Les Seminaires gratuits Microsoft TechNet sont de retour avec des sujets sur la securite dont ISA 2004, VPN, Radius, XP...

    Les Séminaires Microsoft TechNet sont de retour . Ces nouvelles sessions techniques et gratuites débutent le 8 septembre à travers toute la France. Ces rendez-vous vous permettent d'acquérir une connaissance étendue des technologies Microsoft et de...
  • Exchange Pre-Deployment Testing

    JetStress: Database Fault Stalls/sec should be zero on production servers. Exchange servers should generally have database write latencies under 20 ms, with spikes (maximum values) under 50 ms. However, it...
  • One Louder

    Oh Happy Day...un-doing the wrong that was done to me 6/28/1999

    We don't get to pick our e-mail addresses here. When a new employee joins, the e-mail alias is chosen for them (my friend Ann swears she didn't pick mine, but...). Anyway, someone (not Ann) somewhere (not Ann's office) decided that I needed to be heathham...
  • Inside Architecture

    Why Ajax can be safely ignored for a SOA adoption program

    While it is interesting that a wide variety of consulting and product companies have tried to brand themselves as "the" experts on Service Orientation, there are a few examples of good sites that, although sharing corporate sponsorship, managed to describe...
  • Leo's Rantings

    time to start a blog

    Well, it's about time. I've been wanting to start a blog for some time now, but for some reason or another I've been putting it off. Perhaps the biggest worry I've had is that I may not have anything interesting to say. However, after reading other...
  • ... going strong

    Yet another busy day here at KatrinaSafe Central. We had a bug bash on the Smart Client this morning before deployment and are fixing the last couple of isses with one of the web services. We're also busy adding more functionality into the smart client...
  • Eugenio Pace

    CAB Lab Webcast

    Last week our star presenter, Ron Jacobs, gave another formidable presentation on CAB using another Lab as the basis of it. If you missed it, don't worry, you can always watch the replay. Just go here . Enjoy!
  • Brad Abrams

    A couple of PDC questions...

    A reader asked me a couple of “logistical” questions about the PDC… I thought I’d respond by posting the answers on my blog for every to benefit from. Question : Where is the cool web based calendar app that will allow me to create my schedule?...
  • The Healthcare IT Blog

    Windows Vista in Healthcare...

    Check out this example on Channel 9 of how technologies first developed for Windows Vista (a.k.a. Longhorn) such as Avalon, can be applied to design more user friendly healthcare applications. The demo was first shown at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    How important is T-SQL portability?

    This came up on a newsgroup recently. I weighed in with my .02 worth and decided to blog about it as well. Question: how important is it to write T-SQL such that it strictly follows the ANSI/ISO standard and will run on other DBMSs unmodified? My answer...
  • The Healthcare IT Blog

    PDC 2005

    This is going to be an awesome event for everyone attending. Unfortunately I will not be there because of the HL7 Plenary Working Group Meeting that happens in San Diego, CA at the same time. For those of you lucky enough, don't miss session COM423: Windows...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Political stuff

    For those who enjoy reading such things, a couple of new political ramblings over on my personal blog: . I'll post these from time to time over there and may drop notes about them here for those...
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