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  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Virtual Earth webcast follow up

    Thanks to everyone who attended! My previous post here has all the information about downloads, etc. -Marc
  • <dw:daniel_walzenbach runat="server" />

    Übungsaufgabe und Lösung zu „Get the BASICs, Visual Basic für Einsteiger und Umsteiger“, Teil 7

    Aufgabe: Implementieren Sie Fehlerbehandlung für das Programm "Kreisinhalt berechnen" aus Webcast #2 Schreiben Sie ein Programm welches den Kreisinhalt (A) berechnet. A = πr² Verwenden Sie Console.WriteLine() und/oder Console.Write() und/oder...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    lost your phone in a taxi?

    Pointsec have been doing a survey for 5 years now which calculates the number of lost mobile devices in Taxi/Cabs in US cities. The survey found that during the past six months, nearly 12,000 electronic devices were left in taxi cabs in the San Francisco...
  • Nagi Punyamurthula

    Zune on Windows Vista: Get it Today

    On Tuesday the 19th of December, our Zune team issued a 22 MB update to make Zune compatible with Windows Vista. The update also improves the Zune software installation process, addressing some of the known issues that users reported. It is the stuff...
  • 高橋 忍のブログ


    Willcom FAN でソフトウェアコンテストの連動記事を書いています。 先日は、 第10回 日記アプリケーションを作る ―その6 入力機能の実装 ( Trackback )が公開されました。さて、エントリー部門としてはこれをベースに(しなくてもいいですが)オリジナルな部分をぜひ追加して参加してほしいところ��す。 では、どういった機能をどのようにつけたらいいのでしょう? たとえば、この日記に天気の記録をつけるような機能はどうでしょうか?天気といっても毎回入力するのはちょっと煩雑です...
  • 철수네 소프트웨어 세상 [마이크로소프트 지점]

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition Access Database Synchronizer (ADS) CTP

    SQL Server Everywhere Blog : Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition Access Database Synchronizer (ADS) CTP SQL Server 2005 Everywhere가 CTP로 공개된지 몇달이 지났습니다. SQL Server 2005 Everywhere는 SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition을 대체하는 버젼으로, 모바일 디바이스나 데스크탑 소프트웨어들이...
  • Daniel Moth

    September’s posts on The Moth

    - UAC Security Policies - WER and Vista WFP - Vista in Swindon - WMDC - DDD4 - Vista in Scotland - Sharing assets between Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop - Bad luck, events and a letter - XPe SP2 FP07 CTP - Vista SKUs - Glass nugget - Windows Embedded...
  • aschabus' 2 cents

    Microsoft Podcast Network Austria

    Parallel zu unseren sonstigen Aktivitäten versuchen wir uns seit einiger Zeit auch mit Podcasts und haben so das Microsoft Podcast Network Austria ins Leben gerufen. Auch wenn es noch nicht offiziell gelaunched ist, gibt es doch schon einige Podcasts...
  • Blog de David Sebban [MSFT]

    WMDC Beta 3

    lu sur l'excellent Windows-Now (ex, une nouvelle version du WMDC, successeur d'ActiveSync, est désormais disponible. Il ne fait pas partie de Windows Vista mais sera disponible à la premiere connexion d'un appareil mobile sur votre...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    The (tidal?) wave is almost upon us...

    The IE team have announced that the next version of IE will be out this month (although an exact date has not been announced yet). This update will be delivered via Windows Update as a High priority update. Vista just hit RC2 over the weekend , which...
  • adamga's WebLog

    Using VSTS to test SQL 2005 Reporting Services

    For those that already are familiar with VSTS and the testing components, this ain't "Rocket Surgery", however, this is a a great introduction on how to perform testing on the reporting services components in SQL Server 2005. Particularly interesting...
  • The Binary Planet

    Sidebar gadget for WmiSamp WDK driver

    Have you seen the Windows Vista Sidebar and its Gadgets? Wouldn't you love to write your own Gadget? Well you can, and it is surprisingly quite simple too. If you look around, you will easily find quite a few Gadgets for Vista already. There's such a...
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