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  • What's in Store

    Unify, Organize, Explore, and Innovate. Oh my! (Part 4)

    …and then there was “Innovate”. We’ll close this series of posts by discussing how the WinFS relational platform provides powerful, next generation tools to the application developer. WinFS is built on a true relational store that all applications...
  • Luke Nyswonger

    BizTalk Server 2006 User Task Permissions Dependency Matrix

    So how about something like this? This is not in the game plan, but I think it should be and would like to get some voting in before I churn too many cycles on it. Feel free to leave comments or ping me directly. Thanks! Take a look at the image below...
  • Richard Seroter - SoCal BizTalk Musings

    BizTalk Article in December MSDN Magazine

    In December's issue of MSDN magazine, we find Part II of Aaron Skonnard's look at BizTalk Server . The material doesn't go too deep, but it does cover a nice amount of information about subscriptions, messages and the like. This series (see Part I...
  • notes and rants

    Metrics that Matter

    I'm on a plane returning from STAR West (testing conference - I'm offline and too lazy to look up the URL). My talk went well - in fact, better than I anticipated. The talk was on the last day of the conference, so I didn't expect much of a turnout, but...
  • Outside The Cube

    Exchange 12...

    64-bit only and with a bunch of interesting enhancements, Scobleizer talks to the Exchange 12 team - ...
  • Outside The Cube

    Any 64-bit gamers in the house?

    About a year ago, I picked up the Ideazon ZBoard gaming keyboard - it's pretty damned slick - supports individual gaming profiles and snap-on keyboard templates... They've released XP/x64 beta drivers at
  • Outside The Cube

    Windows Desktop Search for Enterprises...

    In case you missed this one ;-) IT managers can expect the following benefits: • Fast Deployment — Microsoft System Management Server support. — Distribute...
  • Notes from a dark corner

    Why my corner is dark

    Why did I choose to call this blog "Notes from a dark corner"? I work in an office where if you stop moving for long enough the lights go off. My job involves trying to figure out why software is not working as expected. Quite often this is not particularly...
  • Tim Sneath

    The Difference between CTPs and Beta Releases

    In response to my last post announcing the WinFX Runtime Components November CTP , kettch posts the following: "this is not a beta this is a ctp. CTP's are by their very nature broken. With beta releases there is an effort made to fix some bugs...
  • Jeff Abraham's WebLog

    ActiveSync 4.1 released to the web

    I found out via Jason Landridge's blog, . Here's the link to the download: . There are apparently fixes for synchronization...
  • Jason Sacks's Windows SDK blog

    WinFX Runtime Components - November CTP is live on MSDN

    The November WinFX CTP went live on MSDN lat night. There is lots of new content in the SDK, including additional API information and many bug fixes. However, it's not a fully polished product. The December CTP is the target for many of our UI and setup...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    patterns & practices for Visual Studio 2005

    There's a new section of the patterns & practices site dedicted to Visual Studio 2005 at . I have already blogged about many of the items available in this new section. They currently include: Enterprise...
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