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  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Merge replication and complex filters

    I'm currently doing a design review for a SQL CE + SQL 2000 mobile system developed by Thomas Granath and Anders Lundstedt that uses merge replication as the basis for sending data to the device. The exercise was prompted by slow perf seen during replication...
  • David Wang

    DebugDiag - The Saga to RTM

    Ok, I am going to try something a little more dicey with this blog entry, but since I am very PO'd about the subject right now, here goes the fireworks... ;-) Some Context, Please... For the past several months, some of you have probably been hearing...
  • craigrow


    See a copy of the Apple ad here . I still don't understand why they ran this ad.
  • craigrow

    No Joe, you're not alone

    Joe Wilcox remembers Windows 95 much the same way I do. No Joe, you're not alone.
  • craigrow

    Happy birthday Chicago!

    It was exactly ten years ago, right now, that store keepers flung open their doors to let eager Windows 95 buyers in. They had been lined up outside for hours so they could be the first to own Windows 95 at 12:01am August 24, 1995. Comp USA was feeding...
  • Darien's Dialog..

    TechEd Asia 2005 (in Singapore)

    I'm here at TechEd Asia 2005 in Singapore, which is kinda different for us since we've hosted TechEd in Malaysia for the past few years. It's also nice to be a speaker again and focus on presenting rather than running the show. This year, I'm presenting...
  • Windows Installer Team Blog

    How can I pass the installation directory info to the custom action exe?

    Question How can I pass the installation directory info to the custom action exe? Answer See MSDN Topics: Changing the Target Location for a Directory [Windows Installer] MsiSetTargetPath(MSIHANDLE,LPCTSTR,LPCTSTR) function [Windows Installer...
  • craigrow

    Microsoft Communities blog portal

    It seems like everyone has a blog these days. The MSDN blog aggregator , I don't know what else to call it, might have been a place you could go, at one time, to find relevent blogs written by Microsoft employees. However, these days there are so many...
  • Visual Studio For Devices

    Long time no Post...

    I just realised it has been a long time since I posted to our team blog. The last few weeks had been very hectic. I did a trip to India for a few weeks and did some presentations at TechED 2005 in Hyderabad and Delhi and met with some of the device developer...
  • David Wang

    Can ISAPI Extension override its user impersonation?

    I usually want a high ratio of answer content to question content, but the following question is going to be pretty hard... because the question is lengthy with lots of good detail which make it easy for me to come up with the right answer without a lot...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    Five new media casts and i pick up a new sport (and break my nose)!

    There are five new TechEd media casts available for the TechEd and i decided to pick up a sport -Underwater Hockey! (and did some cosmetic rearranging -see my personal blog for more information) Mobile Game - Calum Russell (.wmv, 2.5MB, 43sec) *NEW...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    New book promotion

    Addison-Wesley has asked me to mention: Barnes & Noble liked the idea of promoting my books so much last time that they've decided to do it again. For those who don't already have all three of my SQL Server books, B&N is running another 40...
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