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  • dougturn's WebLog

    More code camps in the SouthEast!

    We have two more code camps happening over the next 2 weekends. Don't miss out on a chance to attend these free events! September 17th is the Charleston, SC Code Camp . September 24th is the Tallahassee, FL Code Camp . Also, we have a code camp...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Creating Partial Trust Directories

    Last night at the Writing Partial Trust Code BoF, someone was wondering if they could create a sort of download sandbox on their machine. The problem that we're trying to solve is to be able to save code to the local machine from the browser instead of...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    PDC - Now do you believe us?

    Since I went to MGB in July, I've been buzzing with all the cool new things that we (Microsoft) is working on. In some ways it's like the company has been pretty sleepy from the outside, but when you see the work on the inside - you realize that its...
  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    The cat’s out of the bag: ASP.NET “Atlas”

    I’ve disappeared for a bit because I had focus in on the many different great things we just finished announcing at the PDC. We talked about it for awhile now, but the ASP.NET “Atlas” web site is now LIVE ! You can download the bits, read the quickstarts...
  • NathanA's Mostly Web Services Blog

    The two levels of MTOMness and other meditations

    WSE 3 replaces DIME and WS-Attachments with a new W3C recommendation known as MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) for a whole host of reasons Mark outlines in his What's New article . The MTOM spec is actually layered on something called...
  • benwu's WebLog

    Fixing Window leaks and "Class Already Registered" errors

    Windows Forms makes it very easy to create a rich UI experience. But it also makes it easy to leak windows or resources. For example, say you create a new temporary AppDomain and decide to show some UI in it. If you close the AppDomain without cleaning...
  • Jeremy Kuhne's Blog

    Expression on Channel9

    A nice video that will give you a bit of what's going on with Expression.
  • Matusow's Blog

    Micrix, or is it Micrux?

    Bill Thompson , a technology analyst for the BBC, has an intelligent and entertaining column, and I recently stumbled across this entry . It is a wonderfully concise daydream about what it would mean for Microsoft to adopt, consume, digest, and release...
  • Okoboji: a lake, a mythical university, Kevin Moore's blog

    Building a folder picker in WPF

    The last time I blogged about TreeView, I was still using the control I personally implemented. Now that WPF actually has a TreeView, lets talk about how to use it. The first thing you’ll notice is that the API for what we shipped is pretty identical...
  • Brian Jones: Office Solutions

    PDC Preview of the Office "12" schemas

    Thanks to everyone that came to my PDC session yesterday on the new Office "12" file formats. We covered a lot of information around the new formats and had a number of examples of things you will be able to do now that Office has an open accessible file...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Classic Programming Resources

    The year was 1979. Or maybe it was 1980. I'd been programming for a couple of years, but didn't have my own computer. *Nobody* had their own computer. But I did have enough for a magazine subscription. There were only a few serious choices. BYTE was...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    A difficult debugging scenario

    A customer had a problem with printing. I don’t know all the details about the setup. Trevor had a repro scenario in his office in North Carolina, and I used Remote Desktop to access it. It was composed of 3 virtual machines. One was a Citrix domain controller...
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