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  • Intelligent Insight on PerformancePoint

    Creating a Buzz

    I read this great post via Seth Godin's blog yesterday... If I think about some of the work Steve Clayton and Hugh MacLeod have done around creating a buzz for the Blue Monster the concept of creating positive and sincere enthusiasm is pretty much...
  • UberDemo

    Windows Vista Contacts.NET API

    I'd like to draw attention to Contacts.NET available on CodePlex. I had a need to work with the Windows Vista Contacts. There are native API's, but alas I am now a .NET developer. I thought that I was going to be forced to brush up on my C++ to wrap the...
  • Days with Microsoft Platform

    MSDN Blog はじめました

    みなさん、はじめまして、マイクロソフトの新村です。 この春から .NET Framework のプロダクトマーケティングを担当しています。まだまだ、駆け出しマーケターですが、皆様のお役に立てるように頑張っていきたいと思いますので、よろしくお願いいたします。 さて、先日 US のオーランドで開催された TechEd2007 で Visual Studio 2008 と合わせて .NET Framework 3.5 が発表されました。 すでに、英語版ではありますが、 Visual Studio...
  • Architecture, Cloud, SQL Server, EPM and .NET Geek

    Project Conference 2007

    One of the most important event for EPM community is around the corner. The session list for the Project 2007 Conference has been posted to the site.
  • VSCOPS Team Blog - Test Blog

    Be a real security pro - Keep your private keys private

    One of the many unusual characteristics of the Stuxnet malware that was discovered in 2010 was that its files were distributed with a valid digital signature, created using authentication credentials that belonged to two unrelated legitimate software...
  • LeoPonti Blog

    Updates: Autoruns v11.5, Du (Disk Usage) v1.5, Procdump v5.14, Procmon v3.04, Ru (Registry Usage) v1.0

    Autoruns v11.5 : This update to Autoruns, a utility for managing autostarting applications and components, now reports the image timestamp of executables and the last-modified timestamp of other file types and autostart locations to help with forensic analysis. The jump-to-entry feature is also improved to navigate directly to files rather than their parent directory. Disk Usage (Du) v1.5 : Du, a command-line utility for reporting the disk space consumed by directories and their files, has expanded CSV output that includes file and directory counts, as well as an option for tab-delimiting, which is a format more convenient for import into Excel than comma-delimited. ProcDump v5.14 : This release of Procdump, a command-line utility that enables the capture of process dumps based on numerous trigger types including on-demand, doesn’t report process exceptions unless the exception trigger is specified. Process Monitor v3.04 : Procmon, a power system activity monitor, now includes support for new Windows 8 file information query types and fixes a bug in the tooltip handling. Registry Usage (RU) v1.0 : Ru (Registry Usage) is a new command-line utility that reports the size, value and subkey counts of registry keys. Like its Sysinternals Du (Disk Usage) counterpart, Ru can help you find the keys that contribute to registry bloat.
  • LeoPonti Blog

    Updates: Pendmoves v1.2, Process Explorer v15.3, Sigcheck v1.91, Zoomit v4.42

    Pendmoves v1.2 : This update to Pendmoves adds support for 64-bit directories. Process Explorer v15.3 : This major Process Explorer release includes heat-map display for process CPU, private bytes, working set and GPU columns, sortable security groups in the process properties security page, and tooltip reporting of tasks executing in Windows 8 Taskhostex processes. It also creates dump files that match the bitness of the target process and works around a bug introduced in Windows 8 disk counter reporting. Sigcheck v1.91 : This update to Sigcheck prints the link time for executable files instead of the file last-modified time, and fixes a bug introduced in 1.9 where the –q switch didn’t suppress the print out of the banner. Zoomit v4.42 : Zoomit now includes an option to suppress zoom-in and zoom-out animation to better support remote RDP sessions and fixes a bug that caused static zoom to snap to the top and left side of the screen in some cases.
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Office Lens now includes Office 365 support for iOS and more features for business professionals, teachers and students


    Two of the top requests from our Office Lens users are support for Office 365 accounts, at work and school, and enhanced business card scanning and storage. Today we’re excited to deliver both of these features, making our pocket scanner app even more useful for business professionals, teachers and students.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services Engineering Blog

    Data Loader - October Release Notes

    Dynamics Data Loader team is happy to announce the availability of the October release for Data Loader. NEW FEATURES: Support for out of box - file format (CSV) for new deployments Support for multiple files for the same entity via uploading...
  • Service Blog - Visual Studio Team Services

    Investigating Roaming Profile Issues with Visual Studio Online - 10/31 - Mitigated

    Final Update : Saturday, 31 October 2015 13:38 UTC We experienced Roaming Profile issues starting Saturday, October 31 2015 11:17 AM (UTC), where the issue only impacted the customers who were running two copies of Visual Studio IDE simultaneously...
  • Education

    Australian Education Case Studies Update - November 2015

    One question that I’m asked frequently about new projects is: “ Who else is doing this? ” In some cases, what people (partners/customers) are looking for is confirmation that they’re going to be at the innovative edge - and that what they are doing hasn...
  • Tips and tricks: ASP.NET, IIS and .NET development...

    Collecting a memory dump with ProcDump when ASP.NET ISAPI is reported unhealthy or deadlock detected in an ASP.NET application

    PROBLEM You are running an ASP.NET application in IIS. You noticed that the worker process shuts down and restarts. At the same time you see one or both of the following events in the event logs: Event ID 2262: ISAPI 'C:\Windows\Microsoft...
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