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  • All About Interop

    Office XML Formats updated

    Microsoft has announced that the next version of Office (unofficially "Office 12") will deliver support for a new set of XML file formats. Calling them " the Microsoft Office Open XML Formats ", Microsoft wants to produce a more compact, simpler format...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    Student webcast slides and survey results

    I've posted the slides from yesterday's student webcast up at this link . In my previous writeup this morning, which I've summarized in an article , I included links to the many resources I mentioned during the webcast. Here are the results of the...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    A technique for ensuring plan stability in SQL Server 2000

    One of the great features in SQL Server is its optimizing query processor. The Sybase version of SQL Server pioneered on-the-fly query optimization, and, even to this day, intrinsic query optimization is one of the most useful features of the product...
  • Vittorio Bertocci

    Very good WS-* book from Felipe and Chris

    I have in my hand an hardcopy of the last book from Felipe and Chris , and it feels good. Title: "Web Services Architeture and its specifications: essentials for understanding WS-*", ISBN 0735621624. I knew there was a niche in the current offering...
  • Antimail

    The Art of Viktor Antonov

    This type of art that leaves me in complete amazement. A fantastic place, an atmosphere close to what us, eastern-europeans were so used to. Viktor (who spent his childhood in Sofia, Bulgaria) is the art director/conceptual designer at Valve. His influence...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    MS Office to Use XML File Formats

    Microsoft has announced that the next version of Microsoft Office will use, BY DEFAULT, new OPEN XML File Formats. Scoble's post that started it all for me. Scoble's also uploaded a video on a Channel 9 Post . Brian Jones is a Program Manager for MS Word...
  • David Fries' WebLog

    XBox 360 Japan Plan

    Here's an interview with Yoshihiro Maruyama and Mike Fischer, some of the big wigs for the XBox in Japan, about what efforts they are doing to make the XBox 360 more competetive in Japan. Having been in many a game store in Japan, and seeing the lack...
  • AprilR's Blog

    VC++ Blog Tour Stop: Content Part 1: Introduction

    Sometimes to talk about where you are today, you have to think about where you have been before. One thing that we know is that a large part of the Visual C++ developer population is using Visual C++ 6.0. But when you think about how different things...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    MSFT RSS-Enabled KB Announcements

    Microsoft is now publishing RSS Feeds for recently published KB articles for each of its products. See the complete list here . Some of the more important and significant products that you might want to take note of... Microsoft Content Management...
  • Okoboji: a lake, a mythical university, Kevin Moore's blog

    Avalon Simple Tree View, Part 4 (now with XML binding!)

    There was a question in Avalon newsgroup that mentioned my TreeView sample . The question: can one bind XML data in a HierachialDataTemplate? Short answer: yes. Here's how. First, we need to define an XMLDataSource (yup, just like the ObjectDataSource...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    From .doc, .xls and .ppt to .docx, .xlsx and pptx

    Reuters reports on Microsoft's announcement that 'Office 12' will have new XML file formats: "Microsoft said it would begin discussing details about the new XML file format at TechEd, Microsoft's annual meeting for information technology managers...
  • AprilR's Blog

    VC Team Release Candidate Drive Activity

    Many of you probably wonder what happens after a final Beta and before the final release. We will work to deliver a Release Candidate, which we will use to validate the resolution of Beta 2 issues that met the product "bar." Also, as we shut down the...
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